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People are convinced Trent Alexander-Arnold changed his pick for toughest opponent during interview

People are convinced Trent Alexander-Arnold changed his pick for toughest opponent during interview

Liverpool full-back Alexander-Arnold was asked to name his toughest opponent.

Trent Alexander-Arnold's response to a question about his toughest opponent has got people talking after he appeared to change his mind before saying Lionel Messi.

The 25-year-old Liverpool defender spoke to The PFA's YouTube channel this week after winning the PFA Premier League Player of the Month award for December.

He touched on a number of subjects, including his outstanding form for Jurgen Klopp's side this season and adapting to a more attacking role at Anfield.

Alexander-Arnold was also given 66 seconds to answer a number of quickfire questions, including the last film he watched, his favourite Drake song and the greatest biscuit of all time.

But his answer to a question about his toughest opposition player has picked up the most traction online, with fans convinced he was about to say Eden Hazard's name before changing his mind.

Here's how fans on social media reacted to Alexander-Arnold's answer.

One said: "Trent really, really wanted to say Hazard. Listen closely." while another commented: "Lmao. He sees the argument between Liverpool and Chelsea fans online on who is better between Hazard and Salah and he quickly changed his mind."

A third wrote: "He was about to say Hazard but Liverpool fans weren’t gonna like that."

A fourth added: "Messi is the GOAT, no doubt, but the two times Trent has ever faced Barcelona, Messi plays/attacks from Robertson's side of the field. Trent didn't get to face Messi one-on-one. Trent wanted to mention Hazard."

A video also resurfaced of Alexander-Arnold naming the former Chelsea forward as his toughest ever Premier League opponent.

In that interview with Prime Video, he said: "‘Eden Hazard, yeah. The best by probably a little bit of a distance. Maybe [Kevin] De Bruyne, but directly against an opponent would have to be Hazard.

He added: "Speed, agility, his awareness and his intelligence on and off the ball is unreal."

The England international has, however, lavished praise on Lionel Messi down the years,

A year after Liverpool overturned a 3-0 first leg deficit against Barcelona to reach the Champions League final, he named the Argentine as "the best player ever" during an interview with GOAL.

“Messi sees things quicker than anyone, he can read what a defender is going to do and just dribble past him as if he’s not even there," he said.

"It’s like he’s playing against mannequins. Messi has been doing things for 15 years that have never been seen before. He doesn’t have a weakness. There’s nothing I haven’t seen him do, and for that reason, he’s the best player ever."

He added: “Even if Messi’s not looking your way, you’re concentrating on him because he can see things that you can’t.”

Featured Image Credit: PFA - Getty Images

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