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Liverpool receive grovelling apology from Premier League star over 'deluded' comment which badly backfired

Liverpool receive grovelling apology from Premier League star over 'deluded' comment which badly backfired

Liverpool players and fans have been issued a public apology by the Premier League star.

A Premier League star has issued a public apology to Liverpool after his past comments aged badly.

Earlier in the season, West Ham United striker Michail Antonio made a bold claim when speaking on the Footballer’s Football Podcast.

He said: “I am backing myself over Liverpool. You know what, I think we are going to finish higher than Liverpool this season. I'm putting it out there.

“I watched the game [Wolves vs Liverpool] because it was before our game and Wolves could have run away with it! They had quite a few opportunities. We've got them this weekend and it's a six-pointer. We've got them!”

As expected, his comments did not go down well and to make matters worse for the Hammers frontman, his side lost 3-1 at Anfield against the Reds.

In truth, Antonio’s comments have aged badly as Jurgen Klopp’s men are currently top of the Premier League and are still fighting on all four fronts.

Speaking in the latest episode of his podcast, Antonio apologised to Liverpool.

He said: “Before we move forward I have got something to say. At the beginning of the season I said a comment.

“It was a bit wild. It was very wild. I said that there was a possibility that West Ham could finish above Liverpool this year. I'm not going to lie, I said it was my chest.”

Antonio continued: “They weren't gelling at all together, I thought we might be sixth or seventh. There were lots of stats about Klopp having seven or eight years and then having a bad time, it was just one of those things.

“I was obviously deluded at the time. So I am going to have to hand out a public apology to the Liverpool fans and the Liverpool players. I take it back.”


Antonio went on to praise Diogo Jota and other Liverpool transfers.

He said: “He's an absolute joke. And the craziest thing I like about Liverpool is they buy these players and people at the time are like what are they thinking? Why are they doing that?

“When they signed Mane they were like £30 million for Mane what are you doing? And then Van Dijk. And then Jota, everyone was like what? They all turn out to be absolute class. It's a masterclass of buying players.”

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