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Liverpool make players sign strict 'car clause' as new details of unusual rule emerge

Liverpool make players sign strict 'car clause' as new details of unusual rule emerge

New details of Liverpool’s strict ‘car clause’ have been revealed.

Liverpool reportedly make young players sign a strict car clause as new details emerge.

Over the years, Liverpool have been one of the best clubs at bringing through players from their youth academy.

Over the years, the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold, Curtis Jones and Stefan Bajcetic have become first-team players.

This season, young full-back Conor Bradley has been impressing in the absence of Alexander-Arnold.

In a bid to keep their young stars grounded, Liverpool’s academy director, Alex Inglethorpe has revealed that the players have to adhere to certain rules, including an unusual car clause.

Speaking to ex-Reds defender Jamie Carragher for The Telegraph, it was reported that the car engine size for academy stars is limited to 1.3 litres.

Inglethope said: “It is a safety thing as much as anything.

“I don’t want boys who have just passed their test with these big chunks of metal, but I was also fed up seeing a car park full of Range Rovers. If anyone turns up with one of them, they are parking it next door.”

In addition, the academy has set a wage cap which is £50,000 a year.

Inglethorpe continued: “We have a pay structure which is fairly old-fashioned. We give them jobs to do. We tell them to hand their phone over at 8.30am and give them back before they go home.

“You have been a senior player. You know how it is when a young player comes into the dressing room. You want respect for the pathway. They have to earn what comes their way first. All the other stuff is fine later. To get there you have to do it on the pitch.”


Inglethorpe also praised Alexander-Arnold for being a good example.

He said: “Trent [Alexander-Arnold] is a really good example. When you get to the senior squad, the best thing you can do is have senior players who become your advocates. There was no flash watch with Trent.

“I remember how he drove the same car for years. He’d wear the same tracksuit. As soon as he made the step up, Jordan Henderson, Adam Lallana and James Milner invested time and effort to help him. It was the same for Curtis [Jones].

“Now that baton has been passed on with Trent the vice-captain ensuring the next along the line display the same characteristics.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty/LFC

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