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Premier League table without VAR revealed and it speaks volumes

Premier League table without VAR revealed and it speaks volumes

Some teams would be better off without VAR.

An alternative Premier League table shows which teams have benefitted from VAR and those that probably wish it didn't exist.

VAR has caused plenty of controversy since it was introduced to the Premier League at the beginning of the 2019/20 season.

PGMOL have come under increasing pressure to improve their usage of the VAR system after a number of incidents enraged Premier League managers.

In September, Jurgen Klopp called for Liverpool's defeat to Tottenham to be replayed after VAR failed to overturn an incorrect on-field decision to disallow a Luis Diaz goal.

Fans of all clubs claim to have been treated more harshly by VAR than everyone else, but now an alternative Premier League table has been calculated to show how each team has been affected.

The alternative standings have been calculated by taking all of the result-defining decisions made this season and taking the decision made by the on-pitch referee.

According to the table, calculated by Manchester World, Newcastle are the side who have suffered most because of VAR.

In a world without VAR, Eddie Howe's side would have three more points than their current tally of 37 and would be seventh in the standings instead of eighth.

Chelsea have had a seriously underwhelming season under Mauricio Pochettino, and are currently 10th in the table with just 35 points.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp pictured (

However, without VAR interventions, Chelsea would have five fewer points than they currently do and would be down to 11th in the standings.

Manchester United are one of the division's form teams, and they would have one more point in a world without VAR. Erik ten Hag's side would still be sixth though.

Tottenham Hotspur would still be fifth in the table, despite losing two points without VAR, while Aston Villa would still be fourth but would have two more points.

Arsenal would still be in third, but would be just three points ahead of Villa instead of six, as they would lose one point.

Liverpool currently lead Manchester City by a solitary point at the top of the table, but without VAR the two rivals would be neck and neck on 56 points, as Klopp's side would have one point fewer.

Full Premier League table without VAR

1. Liverpool - Points Without VAR: 56 - Difference: -1

2. Arsenal - Points Without VAR: 54 - Difference: -1

3. Manchester City - Points Without VAR: 53 - Difference: 0

4. Aston Villa - Points Without VAR: 51 - Difference: +2

5. Tottenham - Points Without VAR: 45. Difference: -2

6. Manchester United - Points Without VAR: 45. Difference: +1

7. Newcastle United - Points Without VAR: 40 - Difference: +3

8. Brighton - Points Without VAR: 38 - Difference: 0

9. West Ham - Points Without VAR: 36 - Difference: 0

10. Wolves - Points Without VAR: 36 - Difference: +1

11. Chelsea - Points without VAR: 30 - Difference -5

12. Bournemouth - Points Without VAR: 29 - Difference: +2

13. Fulham - Points Without VAR: 27 - Difference: -2

14. Brentford - Points Without VAR: 25 - Difference: 0

15. Crystal Palace - Points Without VAR: 25 - Difference: 0

16. Nottingham Forest - Points Without VAR: 23 - Difference: -1

17. Luton Town - Points Without VAR: 21 - Difference: +1

18. Everton - Points Without VAR: 20* (*10-point deduction) - Difference: 0

19. Burnley - Points Without VAR: 15 - Difference: +2

20. Sheffield United - Points Without VAR: 12 - Difference: -1

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