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Fans pinpoint the 'exact moment' Jamie Carragher 'knew' he was about to be roasted by Kate Abdo during speech

Fans pinpoint the 'exact moment' Jamie Carragher 'knew' he was about to be roasted by Kate Abdo during speech

Abdo addressed Carragher's comment on CBS.

Fans have pinpointed the exact moment they think Jamie Carragher 'knew' what he would be in for as Kate Abdo addressed his controversial comment on CBS Sports.

Carragher originally made the controversial joke, which was about Abdo's relationship with boxing trainer Malik Scott, during the broadcast of Arsenal vs Porto on Tuesday night.

The comment went viral on social media overnight, with Carragher receiving criticism from fans on the Wednesday morning.

Both he and Abdo remained quiet about the incident before CBS Sports' broadcast on Wednesday evening, with Abdo then opening the show with a huge monologue.

After referring to Carragher, Thierry Henry and Micah Richards, who are all on punditry duty tonight, as her 'brothers', she then did a short 'introduction' to the trio.

On the Liverpool icon, she said: "Then there is the middle child. Jamie Carragher. Chip on his shoulder. Capable of saying anything for attention.

"Does he go too far sometimes? Absolutely. Does he apologise? Yes he does. But all of us have that annoying family member that we all love and accept."

You can watch her full monologue below.

Fans think they've spotted the exact moment when Carragher knew he was going to be subjected to a few digs in response to his comment.

After Abdo called the trio her 'brothers', Carragher could be cautiously heard saying, "Where's this going?", as he smiled and sat back in his chair.

And viewers were full of praise for how Abdo handled the situation, with one praising her for an 'inspirational' speech.

Once the intros were over, the CBS show got underway - with Juventus and Italy legend Alessandro Del Piero joining the panel for a special free kick masterclass alongside Henry, Carragher and Richards.

There were two members of the panel who had slightly more expertise in that area than the other two, of course - although Richards did once score a stunning free-kick for Manchester City during a 2014 training session...

Featured Image Credit: CBS Sports

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