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Joey Barton slammed for 'disgusting' comment about Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward

Joey Barton slammed for 'disgusting' comment about Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward

He has been slammed.

Joey Barton has been slammed for his comments on Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward’s punditry.

The former Manchester City and Newcastle United midfielder took aim at the pair during Crystal Palace’s 0-0 FA Cup draw against Everton, comparing them to notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West.

Barton has been widely criticised in recent weeks for his controversial views on women working in men’s football. Barton, who played 12 minutes of international football for England in 2007, has claimed female pundits “shouldn't be talking with any authority” about the men’s game.

His most recent comments in particular have caused fury online.

Barton labelled Aluko and Ward “the Fred and Rose West of football commentary” for their punditry on the Selhurst Park encounter.

Fred and Rose West were a husband and wife who committed at least 12 murders over two decades at the home in Gloucester.

Barton was widely criticised for his most recent comparison. One person writing on X, formally Twitter, said: “Disgusting that you can think it’s acceptable to be able to compare the two, regardless of your thoughts on them.”

Another said: “Wow that's wild comparing bad commentary to child murderers.”

A third added: “I can't claim to know anything about football, and I've never heard of Eni Aluko but I've just googled her, and she seems supremely qualified to discuss football.

“Equally as qualified as whoever Joey Barton is anyway.”

Barton subsequently fired shots at Aluko for a video circulating on social media of her in training undergoing shooting practice.

“Technically, that’s awful,” Barton said. “She can’t move without her legs rubbing together. You have to laugh. She’s 18 yds out and can’t reach the goal without a bounce!

“F***ing pathetic. Get them off the Men’s Football. Off the tele. Only there to tick boxes. DEI is a load of shit. Affirmative action. All off the back of the BLM/George Floyd nonsense. Cancel me, I’d don’t care anymore.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Talk TV

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