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Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville take on hilarious darts challenge on FNF, it turned into pure chaos

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville take on hilarious darts challenge on FNF, it turned into pure chaos

Neville and Carra took to the oche.

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville took part in a darts challenge to celebrate the beginning of the World Darts Championship - and it went exactly how you'd expect.

Prior to the Friday Night Football clash between Nottingham Forest and Tottenham, the two Sky Sports pundits took to the oche alongside PDC referee Kirk Bevins.

We had Gary 'The Treble' Neville and Jamie 'Istanbullseye' Carragher, topped off with their own customised darts shirts and 'walk-ons'.

The challenge was for Neville and Carragher to score as many points as they could in one minute - meaning the pressure was certainly on both arrowsmiths.

Manchester United icon Neville threw closest to the bullseye and went first, hitting a respectable 264 points with a pretty solid action.

Neville hit the single 20 twice on one throw (
Sky Sports)

There was controversy at the end, however, with Neville's last two darts not counting - even though he claimed his darting rival pushed him.

Next up was the turn of Carragher, who had a slightly less traditional throw as he released his first three darts.

The Liverpool legend picked up speed quickly, and with 10 seconds left, looked as if he was going to overtake Neville's score.

Jamie Carragher matched Neville all the way (
Sky Sports)

Then disaster struck as Carragher's dart missed the board, causing the flight to become dislodged.

That cued several precious seconds of 'Istanbullseye' trying to fix the flight, before deciding to just throw the dart at the board anyway.

And in dramatic fashion, Carragher usurped Neville with his final set of three darts, beating him by just three points.

You can watch the full clip below.

But as the footage cut back to the live broadcast, a (jokingly) furious Neville raged at his fellow pundit: "That was wrong. I actually won!"

With Sky releasing the full edit to their YouTube channel on Monday, we'll have to wait and see who officially emerged triumphant...

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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