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Italy's '1000 IQ corner kick routine vs Albania needs to be studied

Italy's '1000 IQ corner kick routine vs Albania needs to be studied

Italy have been causing chaos with a short corner kick routine in their opening game at the Euros.

Italy have impressed fans with a superb corner kick routine that has made them a huge threat at set-pieces.

The holders made the worst possible start in their Euro 2024 opener against Albania when the underdogs scored the fastest ever goal in Euros history just 23 seconds in.

Federico Dimarco's throw-in was short and Nedim Bajrami nipped in before smashing a strike past Gianluigi Donnarumma.

But the Azzurri levelled matters in the 11th minute and it was a corner kick that did the trick.

Alessandro Bastoni headed home from a brilliant routine straight off the training ground.

Lorenzo Pellegrini and Dimarco both stood over the ball, with the latter raising his hands to gesture the incoming tactic.

Pellegrini touched the ball to the Inter Milan left-back, who fed it back to him in a perfect crossing position.

He then whipped in a glorious delivery for Bastoni to get on the end of at the far post for the equaliser.

It was a simple but effective routine and one that Italy continued to opt for throughout the game.

The approach is also one that many have used successfully on EA Sports FC 24.

One fan wrote: "Not that complex but it is smart. Just changing the angle of the cross in, while also buying guys some time to get open

Another said: "FIFA corner glitch at its finest

A third wrote: "Definitely playing PlayStation in the hotel rooms."

A fourth commented: "Italy using that overpowered corner technique that I score in champs all the time."

A fifth made the point: "It is so underused and I wonder why. Especially in this era where managers constantly look for numerical superiority."

Italy turned proceedings around not long after when Nicolo Barella came up with a beautiful strike from the edge of the box.

The goal turned out to be the winner and Italy will now turn attentions to Spain, who beat Croatia 3-0 in impressive fashion in their opener.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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