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Jamie Redknapp pokes fun at Sky presenter Dave Jones after meeting with Harry Styles in studio

Jamie Redknapp pokes fun at Sky presenter Dave Jones after meeting with Harry Styles in studio

Harry Styles was a special guest at Kenilworth Road for Manchester United's clash against Luton Town.

Harry Styles made a brief appearance in the Super Sunday studio ahead of Sunday afternoon's Premier League clash between Luton Town and Manchester United.

The former One Direction singer, who was pictured wearing a United replica shirt on numerous occasions during his days with the band, paid a surprise visit to Kenilworth Road.

And much to the delight of Jamie Redknapp, Dave Jones, Curtis Davies and Tom Lockyer, Styles popped into the Sky Sports studio to meet the punditry team before kick-off.

In fact, presenter Jones joked he had "never seen Jamie Redknapp move so fast" as the panel grabbed a quick selfie with the 30-year-old British singer.

Redknapp, meanwhile, hit back with a quip of his own. Check out footage from their interaction below:

As you can see from the footage above, Redknapp responded to Jones by saying: "Yeah, watch you here now. Look how thirsty you get when he walks past you."

The former Liverpool and Spurs midfielder then put on a high pitched voice to mock his Sky colleague. "'Oh can I have some tickets please?' Yeah, do one mate."

In the studio on Sunday, Luton Town defender Tom Lockyer opened up on suffering a cardiac arrest in their Premier League game against Bournemouth earlier this season.

The 29-year-old said he “literally died” after his heart stopped for two minutes and 40 seconds during the on-field incident.

“It was just a normal day, and that was the most worrying thing because I felt completely fine,” Lockyer said. “I have been looking for answers since but I have not been able to find any because it was just another day at the office.

“I was running towards the halfway line and I went really light-headed. I thought I’d be okay in a second but I wasn’t. I woke up and the paramedics were there. I knew instantly it was different to my collapse in May.

"Last time it felt like I woke up from a dream, and this time I woke up from nothingness.”

Lockyer added: “I could see there was more panic and I was a bit disorientated. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move. I was trying to work out what was happening, and I remember thinking, ‘I could be dying here.’

"It was a surreal thought to have, not being able to respond, and you can see the panic going on.

“I could feel them put the drip in my arm and it was a hard mix of emotions. Eventually I came round and I was able to speak and to respond. When I felt okay, it was then a relief I was alive.”

Featured Image Credit: @SkySportsPL/X

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