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Jorginho's reaction when his partner asked if he was going to propose to her goes viral

Jorginho's reaction when his partner asked if he was going to propose to her goes viral

Jorginho wasn't impressed.

Jorginho's reaction to his partner asking if he is going to propose to her has gone viral.

Arsenal midfielder Jorginho is no stranger to high-pressure situations, having played at the top level for a decade now.

The Italian star sent his nation to the final of Euro 2021 with a successful penalty kick, before he helped Italy win the final at Wembley against England (even if he did miss a spot-kick in the shootout).

He has won silverware while playing for highly-scrutinised clubs Napoli and Chelsea, winning the 2021 Champions League with the latter.

However, dealing with pressure on the pitch is very different to dealing with an awkward moment with his partner in front of a TV crew.

Jorginho and his fiancé Catherine Harding star in the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series Married to the Game, which premieres on Friday.

The series explores what it is like to be a wife or girlfriend of a professional footballer, and how things like transfers affect their lives and relationships.

Teaser clips of Riyad Mahrez and James Tarkowski have gone viral, and now it's the turn of Arsenal man Jorginho to find himself under the spotlight.

In a clip released on Thursday evening, Jorginho and Harding are in their bedroom getting ready for an event.

Harding, deliberating whether to wear a ring on her ring finger or not, asks her partner: "I think I'm going to put something different on. You're not going to propose to me today, are you?"

Looking rather sheepish, Jorginho replies: "No."

Harding laughs, and removes the ring she was wearing. She then says: "Just in case, it's free"

Without cracking a smile, Jorginho replies: "It's going to stay free," before saying "I'll wait for you downstairs" and shutting the door behind him.

The documentary was filmed earlier in 2023, but before long Jorginho made his move with he and Harding getting engaged in December 2023.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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