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Fascinating Insight Into Sir Alex Ferguson's 'Greatest Team Talk' Shows Why He's So Respected

Fascinating Insight Into Sir Alex Ferguson's 'Greatest Team Talk' Shows Why He's So Respected

It was very emotional.

Max Miller

Max Miller

Michael Owen didn't have the most memorable time at Manchester United, with his ability to make an impact hit by repeated injuries.

However, he did at least get the chance to be managed by probably the greatest manager the Premier League has ever had, Sir Alex Ferguson.

One of the many legendary aspects of the Scot was his team-talks, especially the 'hair-dryer' that he gave players he was partcularly unhappy with.

However, rather than a berating, Owen has revealed that the team-talk he remembes best from Fergie was when the coach got emotional with his players ahead of their Champions League clash with Chelsea in 2011.

It's unclear which leg of the semi-final tie that Owen is speaking about, but the Red Devils won the first leg 1-0 at Stamford Bridge before beating the west London side 2-1 at Old Trafford.

"There was a time that we played Chelsea in the Champions League in the quarter finals or the semi finals," Owen told Stadium Astro.

"He never did this, but he got us all into a meeting in the hotel room on the morning of the game.

"We thought, 'Is he going to tell us the team, is he going to talk tactics?'. He basically just went round and spoke to everybody and told the team how special he felt they were, both individually and as a team.

"He started telling a story about himself and when he was younger and how he grew to where he is now [was then].

"Then he started talking about how in the future when we get to 50 and 60 and 70 and we see each other again, the bond that we will have because of the bond we have.

"When you're in the future and you see somebody, you can actually look them in the eye and think 'he would have actually spilled blood for me on that night'.

"He just went through a scenario. It was just the most emotional, and the most unbelievable team talk that made us all feel a real team before we went to play that game.

"It was probably the best team talk I've ever been involved in."

Featured Image Credit: PA/YouTube

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