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FIFA 22 Finishing Guide: How To Score Every Type Of Goal

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FIFA 22 Finishing Guide: How To Score Every Type Of Goal

The latest edition of FIFA is here and as always players only want to do one thing, score plenty of goals.

With the initial reaction being it’s tough to score on this years’ edition of the game, our guide looks at everything you need to know about finishing in FIFA 22.

Six ways to finish on FIFA 22


When you’re in the position to score there are six ways for you to pull the trigger in FIFA 22. We’ll look at each one and let you know how to perform it and when it’s best to use.

Normal Shot


This should be your go-to shot. It can be used from all distances and angles and provides a standard shot towards the goal. The longer you hold the shot button will determine the power that is applied behind the shot. This is great if you want to get your shot off quickly and keep pressure on your opponents’ keeper.


Chip Shot

Embarrass your opponent with a chipped finish
Embarrass your opponent with a chipped finish

As you would expect this creates a lofted shot that will loop up and then back down. This should be used sporadically and in the correct scenarios due to the difficulty of getting the power right. If you’re through one on one and their keeper charges you down use this to loft the ball over the onrushing goalkeeper.


Timed Finishing

Circle then Circle again/B then B again

Timed Finishing is the hardest shot type to master but certainly the most effective if you get it right. After powering up your shot tap the shoot button again upon contact with the ball to unleash a nearly unstoppable shot towards the goal. Your player indicator will let you know how you did on the timing of this. Red = Early, Green = Perfect, Grey = Late. This won’t come easy so spend time in the practice arena to get this right. You can perform this in any shooting scenario including headers and volleys.

Finesse Shot

Finesse shooting is a classic way to beat the keeper
Finesse shooting is a classic way to beat the keeper

Outside of the normal shot, this must be the shot you go to next. The Finesse Shot looks for more placement over power and will look for the corners of the goal. Perfect for the edge of the box strikes especially when you have a favourable angle. If you see space on either side of the keeper or a small gap through a group of players, this should be your go-to shot.

Low Shot



As it says the Low Shot unleashes a powerful driven shot that stays close to the ground. This should be used sparingly, and you need to put a lot of power behind it to make it worthwhile. This is useful if there’s a lot of bodies in the box and can often cause deflections that can go your way. When using this make sure you’re aiming for the far corners of the net making it more difficult for the keeper to save.

Flair Shot

Add that little bit of flair with this finish
Add that little bit of flair with this finish

The flair shot isn’t going to be one you use often but when you do you can score some of the most memorable goals in your FIFA history. For this, you need to make sure the player shooting has the flair player trait. This allows them to do fancy finishes such as rabonas and no looks. It’s also effective from crosses as players will go for bicycle kicks. Also, look out for the brand-new dab shot! You should only use these when you’re guaranteed of scoring and want to humiliate your opponent.

Our guide on best players in the game:

How to practice finishing on FIFA 22

While playing games may seem the best way to practice your finishing on FIFA there’s a couple of quicker and better ways for you to try new things with your finishing. The Arena puts you in a 1 vs 1 scenario with a player and goalkeeper of your choice. From here you can practice shots, free kicks, and penalties. Don’t worry about missing you get the ball straight back to keep trying for as long as you like.

The dab shot is one to look out for on the game this year...
The dab shot is one to look out for on the game this year...

The top ten finishers on FIFA 22

With all these new finishing tips at your disposal, you want to make sure you’re using the best finishers in the game. Three players share the top spot with a huge 95 rating out of 99 in the finishing stat.

Below are the top ten players in FIFA 22 with the highest shooting stats excluding Icons.

  • Lionel Messi – PSG – 95 Finishing
  • Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich – 95
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United – 95
  • Harry Kane – Spurs – 94
  • Erling Haaland – Dortmund – 94
  • Kyllian Mbappe – PSG – 93
  • Luis Suarez – Atletico Madrid – 93
  • Sergio Aguero – Barcelona – 93
  • Romelu Lukaku – Chelsea – 92
  • Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – 91

Featured Image Credit: Alex Newton

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