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Why Cristiano Ronaldo didn't vote in The Best FIFA Awards again despite being Portugal captain

Why Cristiano Ronaldo didn't vote in The Best FIFA Awards again despite being Portugal captain

Ronaldo didn't vote.

Cristiano Ronaldo didn't vote in 2024 The Best FIFA Awards - despite being eligible to do so in his role as Portugal captain.

Ronaldo wasn't nominated to win The Best FIFA Men's Player, which was based upon performances between December 19, 2022 and August 20, 2023.

His fierce on-pitch rival Lionel Messi scooped the men's award, beating Erling Haaland by virtue of securing more votes from national team captains.

Kylian Mbappe placed third, with Kevin De Bruyne fourth and Victor Osimhen fifth.

Coaches and captains from national teams were eligible to votes, along with chosen media representatives.

Portugal boss Roberto Martinez sparked some surprise by voting for Marcelo Brozovic to win the award - although did later clarify exactly why he felt the Al Nassr midfielder deserved to win.

He awarded his second place choice to compatriot Bernardo Silva, with Messi placed third.

The captain's votes saw Bernardo given first place, with Haaland in second and Osimhen in third.

But the representative listed next to the votes was none other than Kepler Ferreira - the full name of Real Madrid icon Pepe.

Ronaldo, therefore, didn't cast a vote, with FIFA confirming last year that Pepe had instead taken over full responsiblities for the 2023 award. The same process was followed this time around.

But Ronaldo is very much still his national team's captain - and recently hinted to his coach Martinez over how long he would continue playing international football.

Martinez said in an interview with Arsenal icon Freddie Ljungberg last month: "When I took over, he was very close to the 200 international caps, something that nobody has done before [he now has 205 caps].

"I had a conversation with him. It was a private conversation, but I can disclose one thing that he said.

"I asked, 'Does having 200 caps interest you or not?' He said, '250 interests me'."

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