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When Will The FIFA 22 Demo Be Released?

When Will The FIFA 22 Demo Be Released?

Details around the new FIFA 22 demo have been revealed.

EA Sports’ eagerly anticipated FIFA 22 is out in less than a month, but will there be a demo available to play before its release?

After the coronavirus pandemic gripped the world last year, games, demos and the manufacturing of next-gen consoles were delayed as a result.

Unprecedented circumstances surrounding the outbreak also meant that EA had to scrap its plans for FIFA 21 to have a demo - leaving fans waiting to play out in the cold.

Last year's FIFA 21 demo was cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic
Last year's FIFA 21 demo was cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

With that said, last year’s cancellation of the demo has since left many gamers wondering if FIFA 22 will have a demo or not.

Ahead of FIFA 22’s release next month, we take a look at whether or not there will be a demo and, if so, when gamers can expect to be able to play it.

When is the FIFA 22 demo release date?

Demos for new FIFA games typically release two to three weeks ahead of the game's full launch.

So we could see a FIFA 22 demo arrive the week beginning Monday, 13 September.

However, last year's FIFA bucked the trend of launching a pre-release demo and, instead, there was no free demo for FIFA 21.

So far, EA haven't announced if there will be a FIFA 22 demo, so we'll have to wait patiently for news on that front.

When is the FIFA 22 early access release date?

Even if there isn't a FIFA 22 demo, gamers will still be able to play the game ahead of launch via two early access routes.

FIFA 22 early access will be available to EA Play subscribers and those that pre-ordered certain editions of the game.

If you're an EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you'll get access to a ten-hour trial of FIFA 22 from Wednesday, 22 September.

Alternatively, if you pre-order the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 you'll get four days worth of early access.

So that means you'll be able to play FIFA 22 from Monday, 27 September September 27 instead of on its release date of Friday, 1 October.

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports

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