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Federico Valverde's wife publishes emotional Twitter thread after Alex Baena statement

Federico Valverde's wife publishes emotional Twitter thread after Alex Baena statement

Federico Valverde's wife Mina Bonino has posted an emotional Twitter thread after Villarreal forward Alex Baena released a statement.

Mina Bonino, the partner of Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde, has published a detailed Twitter thread after it emerged that Villarreal forward Alex Baena filed a police complaint after he was allegedly assaulted.

On Saturday evening, after Real Madrid's 3-2 defeat to Villarreal, Valverde allegedly punched Baena in the Bernabeu car park.

The Uruguayan midfielder is said to have waited by the Villarreal team bus in the stadium's parking lot after the full-time whistle and asked Baena to repeat what he claimed had been said on the pitch, according to ESPN.

Valverde is said to have reacted furiously when the Spain U21 international made 'derogatory remarks about his unborn child,' sources told the publication.

Baena first made the comments during Villarreal's Copa del Rey clash against Real Madrid on January 19, when Los Blancos came from 2-0 down to win 3-2 thanks to goals from Vinicius, Eder Militao and Dani Ceballos.

As reported by ESPN, he said: "Cry, because your child won't be born."

On Monday, Baena released a statement, saying: "Last Saturday I was assaulted by a colleague from this profession after the game against Real Madrid ended.

"After it happened, some comments came to light, presumably made by his entourage, which said that I had wished harm on his family.

"Since then, and it couldn't be otherwise, no evidence has been published that proves the deeds attributed to me."

Back in February, Mina Bonino, Valverde's partner since 2019, said they had believed they had lost their child before further tests found that their baby was healthy.

Image credit: Alamy
Image credit: Alamy

Bonino has since posted her own comments on the matter.

Taking to Twitter on Monday night, she wrote: “Imagine that when you are 14 weeks pregnant they tell you that your child is not going to be born, that it comes with a trisomy incompatible with life, that you can choose to terminate the pregnancy or wait for invasive tests where the results take more than a month…

“Imagine being prepared to explain that you are going to give birth to a dead child, that recovery is quick and that in two or three months you can try again. Imagine that in the meantime, social networks offer me their condolences because it is rumoured that I lost a pregnancy, when I didn’t even know yet.

“Imagine from the first days of January to February 10 that the conclusive results arrived that I am in my bed, lying down every day, gestating a baby that I DON’T KNOW IF IT WILL BE ABLE TO BE BORN and meanwhile, life goes on. Imagine my head and what I had to endure.

"Imagine all that so that after having ‘overcome’, they tell you that you are taking advantage of a misfortune. It breaks my heart, and it’s true. Words hurt more than any blow and I’m not prepared to have to relive all this again.

“We never incited violence at any time. I am sorry that you have received threats, which I also receive, but it is out of the reach of my hands. I never explained in depth how bad those two months of uncertainty were. I want to stay quiet, I don’t want to dwell on the subject, but please. After everything we went through, the fact that I have to read that we took advantage of a misfortune hurts me.”

“There is a God who sees everything, who knows reality and we are calm, but they are opening a wound that is not even closed because until the baby is born I will not have peace of mind. There are limits that should not be crossed, not everything goes in football. Not everything is fair in life. There are limits. And the limit reaches the direct pain that someone can cause. And I am not a spokesperson for anyone. I transmit MY pain and if there is someone who does not come out to speak today it is because they do not want to relive what happened again, and on the contrary, they want to end this as soon as possible.

“Family is always ahead of everything. And I always said it, football is the least important of the most important things. Our reward is that the pregnancy continues well and we would NEVER take advantage of a situation like this. Thank you for understanding.”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Instagram - minabonino

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