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Fantasy Premier League Team Names: 100 Best Names For Your Squad This Season

Fantasy Premier League Team Names: 100 Best Names For Your Squad This Season

The best FPL names for your squad this season.

Every new Premier League campaign offers fantasy managers a fresh start.

Whether it’s chasing down a personal best rank, pursuing bragging rights in the work mini league or going all-in for the coveted Fantasy Premier League (FPL) crown, every team has a target ahead of the new season.

Considering which players to place in the 15-strong starting squad can be tricky business, but one of the hardest tasks in pre-season is choosing a suitable team name to aptly represent the group.

Without a witty, lewd, original or rude moniker to embody the side, FPL teams seem incomplete – and the last thing managers need is yet another important decision shortly before the GW1 deadline.

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So, if the perfect FPL team name is not yet jumping out – fear not! With plenty of time to spare, we have put together a distinguished list of 100 hilarious football-related team names to help those in need of a little inspiration.

The classics 

  1. Pique Blinders
  2. Lallanas in Pyjamas
  3. Tea and Busquets
  4. Who ate all Depays?
  5. Ayew joking
  6. Enter Shaqiri
  7. The Kouyate Kid
  8. Pjanic at the Disco
  9. Backstreet Moyes
  10. Drinkwater not Koke
  11. Come Digne with Me
  12. Zlat’s All Folks
  13. Klopps and Robbers
  14. Gangsters Allardyce
  15. Two’s Kompany
  16. Thomas the Frank Engine
  17. One Flew Over Lukaku’s Nest
  18. Kroos Control
  19. Chicken Tikka Mo Salah
  20. Champagne Super Rovers
  21. The Cesc Pistols
  22. Delph and Safety
  23. Men Behaving Chadli
  24. Lloris the Hounds
  25. Slumdog Mignolet

The team based ones 

  1. Brian Munich
  2. Real Sociable
  3. Expected Toulouse
  4. Borussia Teeth
  5. Colonel Getafe
  6. Pathetico Madrid
  7. Cry me a River Plate
  8. Dyslexia Untied
  9. Farcelona
  10. This is Sparta Prague
  11. Inter Row-Z
  12. Bolton Squanderers
  13. AC A Little Silhouette of Milan
  14. Genoa-cide
  15. Borussia Monchenflapjack
  16. Kings of Lyon
  17. Ivory Toast
  18. Tekkerslovakia
  19. FC Twente Stone
  20. Sporting Abeerbelly
  21. Fiorentina Turner
  22. Sub-standard Liege
  23. Is your Motherwell?
  24. Bilbao Baggins
  25. Werder Beermen

The current players 

  1. Hotel? Thiago
  2. Alisson Wonderland
  3. Boom Xhakalaka
  4. Heung like a Horse
  5. Targett Practice
  6. Earth, Wind and Maguire
  7. Lord of the Ings
  8. Hakuna Mateta
  9. Bowen Arrow
  10. Losing my Reguilon
  11. Red Bull gives you Mings
  12. A Song of Rice and Dier
  13. Luke KyleWalker
  14. Haalandaise Sauce
  15. Pain in Dias
  16. Back of the Neto
  17. Hanging by a Fred
  18. Lingardium Leviosa
  19. No Kane, No Gain
  20. Botman and Robin
  21. Smith Rowe Your Boat
  22. VAR-dy Time
  23. Abra Dubravka
  24. Dumb and Dummett
  25. Uptown Dunk 

The golden oldies 

  1. Neville wears Prada
  2. Pleased to Michu
  3. Baines on Toast
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels
  5. Lads on Toure
  6. One size Fitz Hall
  7. Titus Shambles
  8. 50 shades of O’Shea
  9. Fiddler on the Huth
  10. Reality Cech
  11. Silence of the Lahms
  12. Sarri, Not Sarri
  13. Tinchy Sneijder
  14. Kings of Leon Osman
  15. Moves like Agger
  16. Blink-1 Eto’o
  17. Crouch Potato
  18. Wenger Boys
  19. Hutton dressed as Lahm
  20. Making Emile of It
  21. Purple Reina
  22. Robben Banks
  23. Berbatov Cocktail
  24. Finding Mido
  25. Anelka Skelter
Featured Image Credit: FPL Twitter

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