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Fans Worried For Inter Milan And Brazil Legend Adriano After 'Drunk' Footage Emerges

Fans Worried For Inter Milan And Brazil Legend Adriano After 'Drunk' Footage Emerges

Adriano Leite Ribeiro was spotted on the back of a motorcycle while drinking beer.

Inter Milan and Brazil legend Adriano has been spotted looking worse for wear in new footage posted on TikTok.

The 40-year-old, who scored 27 goals in 48 appearances for Brazil, was riding on the back of a motorcycle and looked heavily intoxicated.

A shirtless Adriano was drinking a beer that he had got from a street bar in a Rio de Janeiro favela as he hopped onto the vehicle.

And the clip, which has widely circulated on social media, has led to fans being worried for the former striker.

On Twitter, Manu Heredia wrote: "This is the last public image that has been seen of Adriano Leite, the Emperor. Party drinking in a favela. What a great shame."

Meanwhile, @footygazzetta weighed in, saying: "Remember Brazilian striker Adriano? Here he is drunk on a motorcycle in the favela of Rio de Janeiro. One of the craziest football stories ever."

Spanish newspaper MARCA said Adriano is "now living a life of darkness" after his career and life entered a downwards spiral.

Between 2004 and 2006, Adriano was absolutely unplayable and looked to be the true heir to Ronaldo Nazario.

His sledgehammer of a left foot, glorious first touch and wonderful dribbling ability made him a special forward player and he wa ranked sixth in the 2004 Ballon d'Or rankings.

But off the field problems and an unhealthy lifestyle culminated in a huge fall from grace for Adriano.

Image: PA
Image: PA

After the tragic death of his father, he turned to drugs and alcohol and the regular partying ultimately killed his career.

"Only I know how much I suffered," Adriano told R7 in Brazil.

"The death of my father left a huge hole. I felt alone and I isolated myself when he died. I was sad and depressed in Italy, and that was when I started to drink.

"I didn't stop drinking and in the end I had to leave Inter.

"I didn't know how to hide it, I arrived drunk in the morning for training sessions. I always showed up, even if I was completely drunk and the medical staff had to take me to sleep in the infirmary.

"Inter told the press I just had muscular problems. I later realised that the problem was the people around me, friends who did nothing but take me to parties with women and alcohol, without thinking about anything.

"By going back to Brazil I gave up millions, but I gained happiness."

Image: PA
Image: PA

There was talk in recent years that Adriano was linked to a gang in Rio and he was arrested on drug trafficking charges before later being cleared.

Last year, it was reported that the former Flamengo and Roma man sold his £1.2 million mansion and moved his family into the presidential suite at Grand Hyatt in Barra do Tijuca, an upmarket area in Rio de Janeiro.

He left the majority of his belongings in his house but made sure to bring all of his trophies, medals and other important personal items with him to the hotel.

Featured Image Credit: Image: TikTok

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