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Manchester United fans sing about Erling Haaland's dad and Roy Keane in derby

Manchester United fans sing about Erling Haaland's dad and Roy Keane in derby

Erling Haaland was subjected to chants about his dad and Alf-Inge Haaland at Old Trafford.

Erling Haaland was subjected to chants about his dad, Alf-Inge and, Roy Keane at Old Trafford in the Manchester derby.

Haaland, who bagged a hat-trick in the reverse fixture as City thrashed United 6-3 at the Etihad Stadium, struggled for touches in the opening exchanges of the early kick-off.

The Premier League's top scorer only had one really sniff of goal that was blocked by Casemiro and United fans elected to bring up his father's history in this fixture.

In 2001 Haaland Sr was on the receiving end of a horrific tackle from United captain Keane, later claiming that it effectively ended his career despite an injury on his other leg stopping him for playing.

Keane admitted in his book that the challenge, which earned him a red card, was premeditated and related to Haaland shouting over him when he did his cruciate ligament in a game against Leeds.

United supporters chanted, "Haaland, how's your dad?!" in the first half, before belting out "KEANO! KEANO!" and "Na na na na Keano!".

Keane received a £5,000 fine and three-match ban for the shocker of a tackle.

"I'd never apologise for that," Keane said on the incident in 2021.

"And people went to hurt me. Honestly, I'm not going to give it the old 'poor me' one...

"[But] I never, never ever, went out to injure a player in my life. Did I go to hurt players? Course.

"When you go for a ball in the middle of the park there's a good chance that somebody is going to get hurt."

Back in October, a broadcaster attempted to reunite the two rivals during coverage of the first debry of the campaign.

Keane was providing punditry for Sky Sports ,while Haaland was pictured alongside former United defender Jaap Stam around 15 yards down the touchline.

The efforts were ultimately unsuccessful and no reunion ever happened.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports & BT Sport

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