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Harry Maguire 'wants unusual piece of equipment installed' at England's Euro 2024 training base in Germany

Harry Maguire 'wants unusual piece of equipment installed' at England's Euro 2024 training base in Germany

The Man Utd defender has some plans for England's training base.

Harry Maguire has suggested a golf-related addition to England’s training base in Germany ahead of this summer's tournament – and he wants to get the press involved.

The 31-year-old defender, who is likely to play an important role for Gareth Southgate's side this summer, recently opened up about England's chances at Euro 2024.

When asked if anything other than winning the European Championship this summer would be deemed as a failure, he said: “I feel that as a group, we’re ready to win.

"If you asked every single player in the squad they’d say the expectation is to win the tournament.

"However, we do understand that it’s tournament football and if we are going to win the Euros, you are probably going to have to win a penalty shootout, so you’ve got to be prepared on that aspect."

Maguire added: “Tournament football is built on big moments. Against France at the last World Cup, that quarter-final could have gone either way but it went to them.

"We have the players to produce the big moments. We have to be mentally prepared so that in this tournament, we make these moments ours.”

As well as speaking about their chances in Germany, the Manchester United centre-back proposed the idea of getting a golf simulator installed at England’s training base.

That's according to the Daily Mail, who suggest Maguire wants to take on the press, recreating the darts competition they had with members of the media from previous tournaments.

Maguire is said to play off a handicap of six, while Harry Kane is close to scratch.

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Earlier this month, Kane revealed the best golfers in both the England and Bayern Munich teams.

"So since I joined Bayern I’ve played a lot with Thomas Muller," he told Golf Monthly.

"He's a really good golfer, has a really nice swing, hits the ball pure and he plays to about a three handicap too, so we have a good game whenever we go out. So, he's definitely up there with one of the best."

Kane added: "In the England camp, we have quite a few golfers and there’s loads keen on it and just starting to take it up.

"Harry Maguire, Jordan Pickford, James Maddison and Kyle Walker are all good players and we’ve got a large group of golfers that play in the England camp.

"Maguire I think plays off about six, Pickford's about an eight. Maddison hits a really nice ball but I’m not sure of his exact handicap."

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