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Ex-referee Peter Walton massively 'contradicts himself' over Chelsea penalty decision against Borussia Dortmund

Ex-referee Peter Walton massively 'contradicts himself' over Chelsea penalty decision against Borussia Dortmund

Chelsea were awarded a penalty for a handball against Marius Wolf, but Peter Walton's analysis didn't make much sense.

Former referee Peter Walton has been slammed for "contradicting himself" with his analysis on the controversial penalty Chelsea were awarded against Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday night.

The Blues were leading 1-0 through a Raheem Sterling strike in the Champions League round of 16 second leg when Marius Wolf was penalised for a handball.

Wolf was yards away from Ben Chilwell when he crossed the ball and referee Danny Makkelie awarded the spot-kick after watching it on the VAR screen.

Kai Havertz stepped up to take the penalty and saw his effort hit the post. However, because of pitch encroachment from three Dortmund players, he was allowed a retake and made no mistake from 12 yards with his second attempt.

As a former Premier League official, Walton was brought in to give his view on the penalty as part of BT Sport's coverage.

At first he said that it wasn't a penalty and explained: "| think it's the right decision there. The player's pulling his arm away from the ball - the ball has struck his arm for sure, and it will be checked.

"But for obvious reasons, I don't think this will go to a penalty kick because I don't think it's an intentional handball."

However, Walton proceeded to do a complete u-turn and change his opinion, as he often does when asked to comment on calls.

"I think what the referee is seeing now is to see if the player can withdraw his arm," he said, backtracking on his previous point.

"His arm is away from the ball, that's the angle we can see here, and I actually think the way the law is interpreted in Europe is this will be given as a penalty kick."

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

And predictably fans reacted in due course, mystified by his obsession with agreeing with the referee.

One wrote: "Nothing more Peter Walton than him saying it isn't handball then changing his opinion 30 seconds later."

A second fumed: "Peter Walton just completely contradicts himself! When he doesn’t think the ref is giving it he says it’s too close proximity, then the ref gives it and he changes his mind Proof that his role is completely redundant, cannot stand him!"

Former Chelsea player and coach Jody Morris added: "Old Peter Walton has moonwalked quickly out of that decision. Defo pen."

Another tweeted: "Peter Walton spent 5 minutes explaining why it wasn’t a penalty until the ref went to the monitor."

A fifth went in further, writing: "If you ever feel useless in your job, just remember that Peter Walton gets paid to agree with whatever decision the ref makes even if he contradicts himself."

Chelsea secured passage to the quarter-finals after the two decisions went in their favour, with Dortmund's Jude Bellingham branding the retake a "joke".

Featured Image Credit: BT Sport

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