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Arsenal players slammed for 'disgusting clip' involving young fan

Arsenal players slammed for 'disgusting clip' involving young fan

"A sad indictment of how football has gone."

Premier League table-toppers Arsenal are being called out by fans online for a recent video published to social media.

In the clip, the Gunners squad can be seen signing a young fan's shirt upon arriving for their Premier League clash against West Ham.

"Making memories with our mascot," the caption reads.

At first glance, the video seems fairly innocuous and innocent – but not in the eyes of some.

Social media personality Rory Jennings has slated the players, questioning why they didn't acknowledge the young girl at all.

"That little girl looking up in awe at her heroes and not one of them had the courtesy to acknowledge her in any way whatsoever," Jennings tweeted.

"This is a disgusting clip. A sad indictment of how football has gone."

His post has now gone viral, racking up almost 20,000 likes with thousands more comments and retweets.

And by the looks of things, many people agreed with him.

One person commented: "The fact that they proudly posted it too… It’s all become so soulless."

While one added: "So different to 15/20 years ago."

As another said: "Worst part is, Arsenal admin seemed to think this was a clip that would make them come across well."

And a fourth replied: "Can’t even be bothered to flash a smile or take out the earphones."

Meanwhile, one bloke said: "That's sad, they did as expected but so dreadfully cold. I just hope she was very happy with her signed football shirt and didn't realise their behaviour."

But not everyone was onboard with the idea that the Arsenal players were rude.

One fan jumped to their defence, saying: "I honestly don't see what they are doing wrong here."

As one added: "They did more than enough. They should be happy they signed the shirt."

And a third pointed out: "Everyone's missing one key word - mascot. She absolutely got to go back and meet them all properly and speak with them all. She went out on the pitch with them, there's no way this is the only interaction between her and the players."

While one user replied: "This clip is just ONE minute of that lucky girl's day... she would of had chance to speak with them 100%! The players have only just got off the coach... give them a break guys seriously."

One bloke, who simply wasn't having it, garnered plenty of likes on his posts, saying: "I guess they're all terrible people for not sitting down with her and have a tea party right before a big game... how ungrateful can you be? every single one of them signed her shirt. She is lucky and will remember that moment for the rest of her life, you're more hurt than she is. There are millions of kids who would do anything to be in such a privileged position. Sad man you are."

It seems the footage has certainly left many people divided.

As for their on-field performances, Arsenal's 2-2 draw with the Irons means they're now just four points of Manchester City, who are breathing down their neck.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Arsenal

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