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LADs refused picture by Man Utd star Antony

LADs refused picture by Man Utd star Antony

Two fans wanted a picture with Antony whilst he was out shopping but the Man Utd forward rejected their request, they weren't happy.

New Man Utd star Antony was asked for a picture whilst out shopping but after turning him down the two fans weren't too impressed.

Antony moved from Ajax in the summer for a hefty transfer fee, with Erik ten Hag determined to be reunited with the Brazilian forward.

He has started life in the Premier League very well, making him an instant hit at Old Trafford, so it's no wonder fans want to give him some attention.

However, whilst out shopping he rejected a request by a pair of football fans for a picture, which is reasonable enough, but they didn't seem too happy, as you can see in the video below.

The two young fans are in a conversation with the United player's security who isn't too happy with them, following their request for a picture.

First they ask 'how's he going to get famous if he doesn't take any pictures?' a quite preposterous question for someone who plays in the Premier League, let alone United.

The security guard is also asked 'he says no, for what?' as if the 22-year-old shouldn't be allowed to go shopping without having to take a picture.

The lads also seem a bit perturbed by the request to 'go away,' with one bravely saying 'I'm not leaving,' quite quietly whilst they continue to film.

It's probably not the fact that they're there that annoys Antony's team but the fact they're still filming without permission, having been told no.

Antony has had a great start to life at United. Image: Alamy
Antony has had a great start to life at United. Image: Alamy

Antony has already broken one record since moving to Old Trafford, scoring in his first three Premier League games for the club, which has never been done before.

That of course hasn't been enough for some of the forever dissenting former United players who have become pundits in recent years.

Paul Scholes complained that the Brazil international is a 'one trick pony,' although he managed to describe two things the player is good at.

Rio Ferdinand added his opinion too, claiming that the winger needed to be more like Bukayo Saka, following the recent 0-0 draw with Newcastle United.

The former centre back wants Antony, and out of form Jadon Sancho to be more aggressive when taking on opposition full backs.

Antony has still had his critics. Image: Alamy
Antony has still had his critics. Image: Alamy

However, the former Sao Paulo player has quickly endeared himself to the fanbase, and not just because of his goals, including a stunner in the Manchester derby.

In Sunday's draw with Chelsea, the Brazilian was particularly happy when his fellow countryman Casemiro scored the equaliser.

As well as celebrating with his teammates, and the crowd, Antony ran straight over to Jorginho to celebrate in the midfielder's face, following his celebrations for Chelsea's opener.

Two fans might not like him right now, but the rest of the Old Trafford faithful surely will.

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