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Andreas Pereira Is Already Back To Being The 'Pre-Season Pirlo' With Insane Winner For Flamengo, It Defies Logic

Andreas Pereira Is Already Back To Being The 'Pre-Season Pirlo' With Insane Winner For Flamengo, It Defies Logic

Andreas Pereira and scoring bangers in the summer. Name a more iconic duo.

Andreas Pereira scored an insane winner in Flamengo's 1-0 victory over Deportes Tolima and Manchester United fans think the 'pre-season Pirlo' is already emerging.

The 26-year-old is currently on loan with the Brazilian outfit and is expected to return to Old Trafford in the coming weeks.

Pereira is unlikely to get a shot under new manager Erik ten Hag, but he does have a knack of producing in the summer months.

He continued that trend overnight and in the 17th minute, unleashed a thunderbolt that left goalkeeper Alexander Dominguez rooted to the spot.

Pereira ripped his shirt off in celebration and the whole bench went wild. They still had 73 minutes of the game left, but celebrated the strike like a last-minute winer.

Flamengo did hold on and Pereira's effort was not in vain, with the 2021 Libertadores finalists advancing to the quarter-finals of this year's competition.

It technically is not pre-season in Brazil, but United fans are still making the obvious joke.

One said: "Add another £10 million on his price tag immediately."

Another commented: "The pre-season Pirlo is moving wild already."

A third tweeted: "Pre-season has kicked off. Enter, Sir Andreas Pirlo Pereironaldinho."

While someone added: "He's a £50 million asset now I don't make the rules."


Pereira is desperate to make his move permanent and told Raisa Simplicio: "I’m not the one who decides - it’s up to Man United. I would like to stay at Flamengo, but it's not in my hands.

"I'll see what's best for me and the club. I love Flamengo. We will soon speak and decide."

Earlier this month, Flamengo boss Junior spoke glowingly of Pereira, claiming he has potential to grow.

Junior said: "It's just an opinion. I hope he stays. Players of this level, players with this potential, are few in Brazil. I have no doubt that this boy can still grow a lot, he can evolve a lot.

"How will it happen? I don't know, but it would be really nice if we could hold onto this kid because he has a lot of qualities.


"He is a player that draws attention in any way. He has growth potential, players of that level are scarce at the moment within this country."

Other clubs have registered their interest in Pereira, including Fulham and Crystal Palace.

Pereira has played 75 times for United, scoring four goals. As well as Flamengo, he has had loan spells with Granada, Valencia and Lazio.

Featured Image Credit: @LibertadoresBR/Twitter

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