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Pat Cummins gets blasted for 'hypocritical' objections to Cricket Australia sponsor

Pat Cummins gets blasted for 'hypocritical' objections to Cricket Australia sponsor

The Australian captain reportedly had 'ethical objections' to Alinta Energy's sponsorship of the national team.

Australian cricket captain Pat Cummins has been slammed for his ‘hypocritical’ rejection of Cricket Australian sponsor Alinta Energy. 

Cummins reportedly went to Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley with ‘ethical objections’ about their major sponsor’s climate impact ahead of the contract renewal, according to Nine Newspapers.

Alinta Energy had sponsored the team since 2018 for four years in a deal reportedly worth $40 million, but they only signed on for a 12-month extension.

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According to Clean Energy Regulator, Pioneer Sail Holdings, which is Alinta Energy’s parent company, was responsible for producing 10.7 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2020-21.

On the other hand, Cummins had long made his stance on action against climate change clear, launching the Cricket for Climate initiative aiming to equip local cricket clubs with solar energy. 

With Alinta Energy’s partnership with Cricket Australia wrapping up in 2023, Cummins admitted that players have some form of a say in deciding what organisations they want to be associated with. 

He said: “It has always been a balance.

"We have seen certain players make decisions based on religions, or certain foods they eat, where they won't partner with specific partners.

"Every organisation has a responsibility to do what's right for the sport and what they think is right for the organisation, and I hope society when it moves forward.

"It is a balance when you make decisions about who you are going to welcome into the cricket family."

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However, he maintained he hadn’t pressured the governing body to end the deal.

Cummins had appeared in multiple Alinta Energy commercials in the past.

However, when asked whether his appearances in such advertisements were coming to an end this season, he replied: “Yes, 100 per cent.”

The Aussie captain was slammed for his viewpoint considering his involvement with the company and tenure in the Indian Premier League.

One fan said: “Pat Cummins won't accept Alinta sponsorship but will travel to India, the world's 2nd biggest emitter and accept $1.5million from the IPL sponsor, a giant conglomerate that owns oil refineries?  

“Honestly, this guy is a piece of hypocritical crap.”

Another wrote: “Ok now stop flying to cricket matches, stop playing cricket in big polluter India & stop driving the fossil-fuelled Range Rover.”

A third added: “Is this the same Pat Cummins that was paid to appear in ads for Alinta Energy?”

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