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Australia slammed for fielding covid-positive player during Commonwealth Games victory

Australia slammed for fielding covid-positive player during Commonwealth Games victory

She was seen wearing a mask during the medal ceremony and also instructing her teammates not to celebrate with her.

The Australian women's cricket team have been torn to shreds over their decision to field a Covid-positive player in the Commonwealth Games T20 final.

Australia added to its gold medal tally with a stellar performance at Edgbaston, downing India by nine runs.

But their victory has come into question after the team fielded a player who was infected with coronavirus.

Prior to the final, Tahlia McGrath returned a positive Covid test.

She did not line up alongside her teammates for the Australian national anthem, although she did play, coming in to bat at No.4 – scoring two runs off four balls.

She also bowled two overs herself and even took a catch.

In truly surreal scenes, she had to tell teammates to stay away from her as they ran over to celebrate the wicket.


If this T20 final was held Down Under, McGrath wouldn't have been able to play.

But given the United Kingdom's more relaxed Covid protocols, she was given the green light by the International Cricket Council and the Commonwealth Games Foundation.

It's understood McGrath warning her teammates against celebrating with her, but they did so nonetheless.

And during the medal ceremony, the 26-year-old could be seen wearing a mask to cover her face while standing on the podium.

Speaking after the win, bowler Megan Schutt said: "It was so weird. We didn’t want to get in trouble.

"We felt bad for Tahlia at the end there. At the end, screw it. If we get Covid, so be it."

What the Australian team did was perfectly legal, but that didn't stop fans from slating them online.

Sports reporter Naveen Sharma lead the chorus of outraged fans, tweeting: "Australians always preach about right or wrong but they forget everything when it comes to them."

While another person added: "This is strange. A positive test rules you out of contention. What if India refuse to take part on health grounds?"

As a third posted: "So Australia can deny Novak Djokovic from playing in the Australian Open for not being vaccinated but will allow a Covid positive person to play a cricket match?"

Australians even had their say on the matter, one commenting: "The team they played against should appeal to health organisation it's highly dangerous and not legal to endanger others health. Australia would be up in all sorts if it was other way around especially if we lost."

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