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Ben Askren Got Under Jake Paul's Skin Talking About His Brother

Ben Askren Got Under Jake Paul's Skin Talking About His Brother

Jake Paul has been trying to wind up Ben Askren ahead of their fight but it was the former UFC fighter was got under his opponents skin.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Jake Paul tried to get under Ben Askren's skin at their press conference on Friday, but it was actually the former UFC fighter who managed to rattle his opponent.

YouTuber Paul, who has a professional boxing record of 2-0, is set to face former UFC star Askren in his latest boxing fight, next month on pay-per-view.

The 24-year-old, whose wins to date have come against a fellow YouTuber and a former NBA player, was desperate to fight Conor McGregor but ended up with Askren instead.

On Friday, the pair met for their first press conference to build up hype for the fight and it was full of shenanigans as expected.

Whilst Paul has spent his time trying to wind up opponents, and would be opponents, it was Askren who managed rattle the younger man, by talking about Jake's brother Logan.

"I'd heard of Jake Paul prior to accepting this fight, but I couldn't have told you a lot about him or his brother," the former ONE Welterweight champion began.

"I knew he kinda came up in his brother's shadow, he was trying to follow his brother's footsteps.

"His brother's a lot more talented, has a larger following."

Trying to hit back, Paul answered, "You literally went on your Instagram and asked people for roasts. You asked people for roasts on your Instagram and that was the top comment, 'Say that his brother is better than him.'"

"Is he?" asked Askren.

"That's like calling Kylie Jenner 'Kendall Jenner," Paul again answered, "It doesn't matter, it's still a compliment.

"I would love to be Logan, Logan's a great kid, we're both stars, both taking over the world at a young age."

Askren then referred to his upcoming opponent as 'Logan's little brother' before asking, "Who's better, you or him in boxing?"

"Me, hands down. That's why I'm 3-0, (3 KOs) and he's 0-1-1," answered Jake, who added his and brother Logan's unprofessional debuts in their boxing records.

Askren asked another question saying, "He ever whoop your ass when you were the little brother?" but this time Jake refused to answer, "Okay, I'll take that as 'he rubbed your face in the carpet on a weekly basis," the MMA fighter added.

"Yeah, sure Ben," a clearly annoyed Paul answered before letting out an exaggerated sarcastic laugh just to prove he wasn't rattled...

We only have to wait until April 17th to see if the verbal sparring had any effect.

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