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Fans Terrified After Referee Fails To Stop Fight Between Boxer Kubrat Pulev And UFC Fighter Frank Mir

Fans Terrified After Referee Fails To Stop Fight Between Boxer Kubrat Pulev And UFC Fighter Frank Mir

Kubrat Pulev was fighting on Triller's Triad Combat event after fighting Anthony Joshua last year.

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Fans have been left terrified after the referee failed to stop a fight between boxer Kubrat Pulev and MMA fighter Frank Mir whilst the latter was completely out on his feet.

The incident took place as part of Triller's Triad Combat event, which pitted mixed martial arts fighters against boxers over a night of fighting.

Whilst the world of boxing is undergoing a seismic change at the minute, which includes fighters such as Jake Paul taking to the ring without any real formal training, it's worth remembering that it's still - essentially - a game that involves two people kicking the s*** out of each other with the winning being whoever hits the floor first.

Even though Mir was a storied MMA fighter in his time, it's hard to argue that he should ever have found himself in the ring with an operator like Pulev, and it definitely showed.

In the first round of their main event fight, Pulev landed a seriously heavy shot which rocked Mir to his core.

With his opponent clearly out on his feet, Pulev stalked him down and even appeared to leave off him whilst he waited for referee Dan Miragliotta to end the bout.

Eventually, he did. Not before fans had the opportunity to be outraged, though.

Everyone could see that the fight was done, there was no coming back for Mir.

The TV presenter shouted: "He's out on his feet! What is Miragliotta doing? He's out on his feet! This one's over!"

Mercifully, the referee called a halt to the fight, and former UFC heavyweight champion Mir escaped without serious injury.

However, it does highlight a potential problem with the idea of just letting people get in the ring together, regardless of their fighting prowess.

After all, the UFC and the world heavyweight championship of boxing are very difficult belts to fight for.

Kubrat Pulev fought for the latter just around a year ago, so represents a dangerous fighter, and someone who should under no circumstances be fighting a non-professional boxer, even if they are a professional combat sportsperson.

Strangely enough, across the card, the MMA fighters managed to best their boxing opponents and win the night, but there was no chance that Mir could help them to that goal once he got tagged.

Fans were understandably terrified by the referee's decision not to end the fight, with many saying it was 'scary' and a wake-up call for those who think that boxing is just a bit of a laugh.

One said: "Pulev standing TKOs Mir in the first. That was pretty scary."

Another said: "Someone gotta do something about those scumbag clowns at @triller.

"Frank Mir shouldn't have been allowed anywhere near that triangle thing. Pulev could've killed him. All for a gimmick."

A third wrote: "Bro Pulev was fighting Anthony Joshua last year.

"Who sanctioned this?"

Words by Tom Wood

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