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Nate Diaz's team ruthlessly jumped Chase DeMoor in the streets

Nate Diaz's team ruthlessly jumped Chase DeMoor in the streets

Nate Diaz's team attacked Chase DeMoor following Misfits Boxing 6.

A shocking video shows Nate Diaz's team jumping Chase DeMoor in the streets following Misfits Boxing 6.

Diaz clashed with DeMoor whilst supporting Chris Avila as he fought Paul Bamba on the undercard of the event in New Orleans on Friday.

The 38-year-old launched a water bottle in his direction, with DeMoor picking up a steel chair before the situation was diffused.

Diaz and DeMoor continued their beef in the streets following Misfits Boxing 6 as the former UFC fighter's entourage ambushed the Netflix star.

DeMoor, who suffered a DQ loss in his bout against Stevie Knight, was pieced up by several of Diaz's pals.

A video shows the 26-year-old being outnumbered and attacked from different angles before police intervened.

The clip of DeMoor being bombarded by Diaz's team sent social media wild.

One Twitter user wrote: "Chase literally got pieced up by the whole Nate Diaz army!"

A second tweeted: "You really shouldn’t pick fights on the streets if you’re just a boxer."

A third added: "Chase really had the worst night of his life."

Diaz, who faces Jake Paul in August having left the UFC, was filmed choking someone unconscious following the event.

He slept a Logan Paul lookalike, with Dana White and Conor McGregor reacting to the mayhem he caused in New Orleans.

Watching the footage, the UFC president said: "WHAT? He just kneed him to the stomach? Is that Logan Paul? He knocked him out "Whoever that, is he knocked him out! He choked him out! He's way too skinny - Logan Paul is a big motherf***er."

As for McGregor, he posted a series of tweets as he also reacted to his old foe's moment of madness.

He tweeted: "Hahaha Nate on a rampage tonight! Let’s go Nate! Hahaha."

In another tweet, he wrote: "Lovely little knee to the body hahahaa."

A third post reads: "I mince nate in the clinch these days. Actually anyone in the clinch. Minced."

Featured Image Credit: via Twitter/@overtflow

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