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Dana White's Reaction To Finding Out Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr Rule Is Priceless

Dana White's Reaction To Finding Out Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr Rule Is Priceless

The two boxing greats will face in an 'exhibition' fight on Saturday night and UFC president Dana White didn't realise there'd be kno KOs.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Dana White can't believe that there's no knockouts allowed for Mike Tyson's comeback against Roy Jones Jr, and doesn't think the boxers will stick to the rule.

Tyson makes his highly anticipated return to the ring, after 15 years of retirement, next Saturday night when he takes on Jones Jr in an exhibition fight, which is live on pay-per-view.

According to the rules of the 'exhibition' the two men can't actually set out to knock each other out, something that UFC president White clearly wasn't aware of.

Speaking at a press conference after UFC 255, White was asked who he thought would win, and it's only when it came down to the method of victory that he found out there would be no finishes to the fight.

"There's no knockouts? They're not allowed to knock each other out? How do you enforce that?" White asked.

"I'd like to bet that doesn't happen. Can you bet on that?! Oh s***! You can't even bet on this fight?! I did not know that. I don't even know what to say to that."

The California State Commission, who are in charge of the fight, have decided that the fight isn't about either man landing a knockout and is all about the pair 'exhibiting' their skills.

With the two men having a combined age of 105 it's really no wonder that the commission don't want to see them go fully at it on Saturday.

The two legends will fight over eight, two minute rounds, and wear larger 12-ounce gloves. Whilst they can't go out to knock the other out, the fight will be stopped if either man can't continue.

California State Athletic Commission executive director Andy Forster has warned that the fight will be stopped if either man gets a cut, saying, "Tyson and Jones Jr. won't be wearing headgear for the fight. They'll be lacing up 12-ounce gloves and there won't be any judges present at the fight to score the action. So, technically, there won't be a winner unless a knockout somehow occurs, or either fighter is deemed unfit to continue.

"They can move around and make some money, but I told them if you get cut, it's over."

Iron Mike is clearly looking past former light heavyweight champion Jones Jr, who only retired in 2018 incredibly, and has claimed he'd like to fight Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder in the future.

Despite the no knockout rule, there's still a lot of excitement over seeing the former 'baddest man on the planet' back in the ring.

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