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KSI takes a page out of Paul Gallen's book and announces huge double-opponent boxing match

KSI takes a page out of Paul Gallen's book and announces huge double-opponent boxing match

KSI announced a massive double-fight just week after the Aussie NRL star had the same idea.

KSI is going up against two fighters in an unprecedented bout, however, there may have been a certain Aussie NRL legend that sparked the idea.

Just a week ago, rugby league icon Paul Gallen announced he would be taking on two former Queensland players in a crazy double fight. 

Giving the fight a bit of State Of Origin flair, the former Blues player will lock horns with ex-Queensland stars Justin Hodges and Ben Hannant on September 15 at Nissan Arena.

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The trio held the press conference last Wednesday (August 10) where they discussed ideas such as the bout being held under WWE tag team rules.

Now, just a few days later, the YouTuber announced he was ‘about to do something that’s never been done before in YouTube boxing’. 

Lo and behold earlier today KSI announced: “I’m fighting two people on August 27th. 

“The other opponent is a pro boxer.”

Coincidence? Most likely. 

However, we’d like to think the rapper saw the Gallen press conference last week and it sparked the mammoth idea that is set to come.

The fight with Swarmz was announced after the original opponent Alex Wassabi withdrew on medical grounds, citing concussion issues. 

The replacement opponent left much to be desired for fans, with many questioning who his new opponent actually was. 

The backlash may have certainly gotten to the YouTuber/musician/boxer/actor who decided he needed to up the ante.

The 29-year-old announced he would also be facing a pro boxer named ‘Ivan Nikolov’ quipping that he’s fighting ‘a pro boxer before Jake Paul did’.

Always building towards that highly anticipated fight with the American next year, kudos to you KSI. 

Although Nikolov is a pro poxer, his record is a little bit underwhelming and stands at three wins and 16 losses, with three draws.

He's 43 years old and comes in at 5ft 8.5 inches, whereas KSI comes in with a considerable height difference at 6 ft tall.

Taking to social media, KSI added: "Alex Pussabi pulled out, so I had to do the unthinkable. 2 fights in one night.

"Never done before in YouTube Boxing. And to top it off, the other opponent is a pro boxer. August 27th baby, LET’S GOOO!!!!"

Although KSI’s double fight will take place before NRL stars we’ll rest easy knowing that Paul Gallen and the Queensland players were the innovators of the idea.

Featured Image Credit: KSI/Instagram. Main Event.

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