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Jake Paul agrees to 'winner takes all' boxing match against KSI

Jake Paul agrees to 'winner takes all' boxing match against KSI

We are edging closer to confirmation on the bout with huge repercussions for the loser.

Jake Paul never stops promoting.

As he gets set to take on Tommy Fury, the YouTuber is still busy planning his next big fight - and it’s the YouTube-boxing bout everyone has been after.

Paul will take on his first professional boxer, and while he is keen on being taken seriously in that world there’s still one fight that will undoubtedly pull him into the YouTube sphere.

The showdown between KSI and the Problem Child has been brewing for years now, and with both men training away it seems like we are as close as ever to getting it.

And it looks like the pair have come to an agreement that would see huge repercussions for the loser.

During a back-and-forth on Twitter, the American claimed that he was ready to accept the Brit’s conditions for a match, although he had a condition of his own.

Paul tweeted: “I will agree to fight KSI at 180 pounds plus his request for a 10-pound rehydration clause. BUT it has to be 100% winner takes all like he requested. ZERO to the loser. ZERO.”

The Platinum artist then replied to Jake, mocking the YouTuber-turned-boxer, insinuating he was going to take every penny.

He replied: “So you gave into my demands and now want to give me more money too? You got yourself a deal idiot."

Paul didn’t take that jab standing down, however.

He hit back: “Yeah I gave into your ‘demands’ to try and give you an advantage for you to actually agree to fight me. Again ZERO to the loser. Not you, not your fake a** promotion."

Paul has fought at 190 pounds in the past and had planned on fighting at 185 pounds going forward, according to The Mirror.

Meanwhile, KSI fights at around the 175-pound mark.

KSI defeated FaZe Temper last month in a brutal first-round knockout, after original opponent Dillion Danis pulled out of the fight.

He has admitted in the past that his return to boxing has all come with the goal of eventually facing Jake, as per Daily Star.

He explained his ideal scenario for 2023.

He said: “That’s it December, I said December.

"It could be even sooner, but I want another fight and then Jake.

“That’s always been the goal.”

And it looks like we are edging ever so closer to confirmation of the fight.

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