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Fans pelted Logan Paul and KSI with bottles of Prime at PR event

Fans pelted Logan Paul and KSI with bottles of Prime at PR event

The two YouTube boxers were no doubt hoping for a more accommodating welcome in Denmark but it wasn't the case.

KSI and Logan Paul were hit by flying bottles of their Prime drink by fans in Copenhagen, Denmark, during a PR event.

Whenever I see those fan parks full of England fans throwing beer in the air when someone slots home a goal I instantly think about the cost of the pints being wasted for a very contrived moment.

That is instantly my thought when I saw the scenes in Copenhagen with Paul and KSI trying to advertise their energy drink in the Danish capital.

Prime is certainly a lot more expensive than a pint in certain circumstances, with one dad paying £1000 for a Christmas present.

So it brings a shudder to try and work out just how much money was being wasted as fans pelted the stage with bottles of the stuff in Copenhagen, as you can see below.

The two men were quickly escorted off stage as the plastic and liquid rained down on them and at least one of them made contact.

KSI took to social media after the incident to say: "That Prime bottle to my head was pinpoint," and no doubt that would have given him a bit of pain.

Maybe it'll be something for Tommy Fury to take advantage of with the two men expected to get in the ring to face each other soon.

The rapper's most recent fight ended in controversy as he stopped Joe Fournier with an accidental elbow, with the original knockout result being overturned.

He has now started an ongoing feud with Fury, with the younger brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson claiming he's going to 'end YouTube boxing.'

The former Love Islander recently amused fans by claiming that he operates on 'world championship level,' even though he couldn't even knock out Logan's brother Jake.

The bottles were thrown at their heads.

Logan on the other hand has far more pressing matters to attend to as he'll be in London at the weekend competing for WWE at the Money in the Bank event.

He is taking part in the match that the show is named after and fans will be hoping for a repeat of the athleticism he showed with Ricochet at the Royal Rumble.

KSI might even show up as he did at WrestleMania earlier this year when he got involved in his business partner's match against Seth Rollins, whilst dressed as a giant bottle of Prime.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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