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Jake Paul told Andrew Tate 'meets the criteria' to be his next opponent

Jake Paul told Andrew Tate 'meets the criteria' to be his next opponent

Paul is yet to fight in 2022.

Jake Paul has been told controversial kickboxer and TikTok star Andrew Tate 'meets the criteria' to be his next fight.

The YouTuber continues to be linked to a showdown with Tate, who has skyrocketed in popularity recently.

Tate is known for spouting divisive life lessons and beliefs, many of which have been labelled as misogynistic and sexist.

Paul claims 'The Top G' recently sent him a message on Instagram which he deleted before his potential opponent could view it.

No official fight has been announced but Tate claims negotiations are underway. Former UFC star Chael Sonnen thinks Tate's combat background makes him a good test for Paul, who is keen to extend his record to 6-0.

"Andrew Tate made a video, he did it terribly well," Sonnen explained on his YouTube channel.

"He did it about two months ago, and he called out Jake Paul but in those last two months, Tate has exploded. He’s been discussed on the Joe Rogan show, I’m discussing him now and Logan Paul, Jake’s brother, discussed him. Barstool Sports interviewed Tate.

"All of a sudden, Andrew Tate meets the criteria that Jake is looking for, which is people are interested in him and he brings a base. I should mention that Andrew Tate is a four-time world kickboxing champion, so things are very very different. Tate will show up, believe me. I don't know how any guys you can say that point."

Tate claims to have a kickboxing record of 43-9 and his career came to an end after being poked in the eye.

He also took part in one professional MMA fight, defeating Shane Kavanagh by KO.

Jake Paul is yet to fight in 2022. (Image

Sonnen continued: "Andrew did his part, he called out Paul then he went and got himself famous. He checks the box.

"Jake would love a ranking, he would love to be on a top-fifteen of a sanctioned commission but a four-time world kickboxing champion means something too. Andrew Tate becomes a really interesting option."

Logan Paul, Jake's older brother, has previously asked for Jake's 'blessing' to 'beat the s**t' out of Tate down the line.

He was given Jake's blessing but then admitted a fight may not be viable as Tate may have faded out of the public eye by the time a bout can be scheduled.

Featured Image Credit: Jake Paul/Instagram & Andrew Tate

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