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Jake Paul verbally dismantles Andrew Tate's lifestyle and 'virgin fans' in furious rant

Jake Paul verbally dismantles Andrew Tate's lifestyle and 'virgin fans' in furious rant

Paul has questioned Tate's lifestyle.

Jake Paul has destroyed Andrew Tate's lifestyle and what he's teaching his 'virgin fans' in a furious rant.

The YouTuber has been involved in a war of words with kickboxer and controversial TikTok star Tate in recent weeks.

Tate is known for living a lavish lifestyle while spouting divisive life lessons and beliefs, many of which have been labelled as misogynistic and sexist.

During an appearance on older brother Logan Paul's IMPAULSIVE podcast, Jake mocked Tate's catchphrase 'What colour is your Bugatti?' and how he defines self worth.


"I just think it’s funny that the ‘Top G’ is a fanboy,” he said. "He runs with this whole thing like 'what colour is your Buggati?' Andrew, it’s not cool to tell kids that they need a Buggati to be cool."

Tate claims to be the world's first 'trillionaire' and calls himself a 'Top G' who knows how to make money.

Paul mocked that as well as the 35-year-old's attitude towards women.

He continued: "Andrew’s Tate’s fans are all virgins, and they’re watching him to try get laid. But they’re going to get spit on and slapped by a girl, that’s what’s gonna happen."

Tate offered Jake $3 million for a sanctioned fight back in 2021 after claiming he needed a 'reality check'.

During that time, Paul was on a mission to get under the skin of UFC megastar Conor McGregor and mocked him for his defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

Since then Tate has claimed he no longer has a problem with Paul, but rumours about a fight continue to swirl.

'The Problem Child' doesn't think Tate will take a fight with either him or Logan as losing could damage his standing in the online community.

"I don’t think he gets in the ring with one of us," he admitted.

"It’s too big of a risk for him. He’s 'alpha male,' right? That’s his whole entire thing.

"And when he loses - he will lose to either one of us he fights - his whole schtick and all the women will be like, 'Yeah!' and his whole schtick goes out the window."

Logan did ask Jake for his 'blessing' to 'beat the s**t' out of Tate in the future and he granted it, but both think he could fade out of the public eye in the coming months.

Featured Image Credit: IMPAULSIVE/YouTube & Andrew Tate

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