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How much will Jake Paul and Anderson Silva earn for their fight?

How much will Jake Paul and Anderson Silva earn for their fight?

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva go head to head at the Desert Diamond Arena in Arizona on Saturday. But how much will they earn?

Jake Paul takes on UFC legend Anderson Silva in an eight-round bout at the Desert Diamond Arena in Arizona on Saturday.

Paul’s bolshy demeanour and ability to fill stadiums and headlines has seen the Youtube sensation emerge as one of the most profitable stars in boxing.

Paul is 5-0 in the boxing ring since turning professional at the start of 2020, having beaten AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley twice, however this weekend he comes up against his toughest opponent yet - UFC legend Silva.

The 47-year-old former UFC middleweight champion, went on an unprecedented six-year run that saw him defend his belt 10 times between 2006 and 2012.

However, given Silva’s powers have waned, cynics are labelling the bout as merely a pay day for both parties. But how much will Paul and Silva earn from the fight?

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva fight purse:

While the purse for both men has not yet been revealed, Paul took home $1.2million (£1.03million) for his fight against Nate Robinson (per Sportszion) and $2million (£1.72million) for his first fight against Tyron Woodley in 2021 (per MMA Junkie).

Meanwhile the planned bout against Tommy Fury would have reportedly had both fighters earning over $1million (£860,000).

Meanwhile Silva reportedly made $620,000 (£533,000) in his last UFC fight against Uriah Hall in 2020, and a year later was guaranteed $500,000 (£429,000) to $1million in his return to boxing against Julio Ceasar Chavez, per Overtime Heroics.

While the fight will no-doubt be immensely lucrative for both fighters, Silva has rejected claims the bout is little more than a cash-grab.

He told Bad Left Hook: “I don’t need the money anymore.

“People think money is important, but it’s not. Of course, I will make money from this fight because It’s my job.

“Don’t do something just for the money. Work because you have a passion. That’s what I’ve done and why I’ve been successful all my life.”

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