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Jake Paul 'agrees' to fight Tommy Fury in the UK next year, sets deadline for contract

Jake Paul 'agrees' to fight Tommy Fury in the UK next year, sets deadline for contract

Paul has responded to comments made by John Fury.

Jake Paul has agreed to fight Tommy Fury in the United Kingdom next year following comments made by his father, John.

Fury and Paul have seen two potential clashes fall through in the last year. Fury pulled out of a fight in December 2021 via injury before being denied entry to the United States this summer.

The 23-year-old defeated Rolly Lambert in Dubai on Sunday evening to take his professional record to 8-0.

Watching on at ringside was Paul, who hurled abuse at 'TNT' throughout. John Fury responded to that post-fight by ripping his shirt off and attempting to fight Paul himself.

Once cooler heads had prevailed in the post-fight press conference, Fury declared his son had 'verbally agreed' to face Paul in 2023.

'The Problem Child' responded on Twitter with: "Dear Frank Warren, I agree to fight Tommy in Manchester or London in Feb. I’ll come to his country, no more running. His baby is due then & you’ve said it’s no issue. Since John is adamant we’ve agreed, I am giving u 7 days to present a signed contract by Tommy or I’m moving on."

Fury claimed he had backed Paul's manager, Nakisa Bidarian, into a corner while negotiating the fight for the third time.

'Big John' declared: "Can I say one thing here, though? I’ve locked him down, backed him in a corner and checkmated him.

Fury, pictured with his father, put in a strong performance against Lambert. (Image

“He’s agreed to a February bout. He shook me hand, he gave me his word of honour, his manager, it’s happening in February.

"I said, ‘Listen, if you renege or back out, you’ll never live it down in your life.’ And you can’t break a man’s handshake.

"Contracts mean nothing to me, but a handshake does, and my word you can build a tower block on it. He’s give me his word his manager, we fight in February."

Paul also has an unbeaten record in boxing. The 25-year-old defeated UFC legend Anderson Silva last month to take his record to 6-0.

Paul is keen to get a fight with Fury sorted. (Image

He slammed Fury's boxing credentials, stressing he could 'kill' the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson in the ring.

"He thinks he’s his brother. He’s an Instagram model. He’s not a fighter," Paul said. "And if we fight, he’s gonna die. I think I might actually kill him. I don’t make light of that situation in this sport, but the kid shouldn’t f**k around. This is embarrassing."

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