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BREAKING: John Fury goes after Jake Paul after Tommy Fury's fight

BREAKING: John Fury goes after Jake Paul after Tommy Fury's fight

It’s all kicking off in Dubai.

John Fury stole the headlines after Tommy Fury’s exhibition fight with Rolly Lambert by going after American YouTube sensation Jake Paul.

After the way below-par fight between Tommy and Lambert, Fury senior decided to go after Paul. He took off his shirt and then walked towards Paul and shouted towards him.

Paul looked unmoved as he simply replied to Fury by saying: “Nobody likes you, nobody likes you! You’re a fat miserable old man.” You can watch the exchange below.

Fury has previously said that the American wouldn’t be able to beat him. He said: “He knows where we’re at. You know, if he wants to fight let him fight, if he don’t let him jog on. I seen his last performance. He couldn’t beat me. He’s useless.”

Paul has a record of 6-0 after turning into a professional boxer.

Whilst Fury’s son, Tommy, failed to make the weight for his originally scheduled fight against Paul Bamba. However, he refused to take the blame.

He said: “I just want to clear a few things up, one contract was given to Paul Bamba and one contract was given to myself. The weight in my contract I made yesterday, so as far as I'm concerned I've done my job, I made weight. Paul Bamba does not want to fight, he never did. I'm here in Dubai, I've got a new opponent and I'm ready to go, so I'll see you all tonight.”

Fury later added: “Just to clarify, I made the weight specified in MY contract as I have for every fight I've ever fought. If Paul Bamba was told a different weight that he had to make for this fight then that has NOTHING to do with me.”

Dramatic scenes in Dubai as they gear up for the main event, Floyd Mayweather's bout with another YouTuber, Deji.

Featured Image Credit: DAZN

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