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John Fury claims 'verbal agreement' has been reached for a Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul fight in 2023

John Fury claims 'verbal agreement' has been reached for a Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul fight in 2023

Big John Fury insisted that Jake Paul's manager, Nakisa Bidarian, "agreed to a February bout." Third time's a charm for Tommy Fury?

John Fury has claimed that a ‘verbal agreement’ has been reached for a super-fight between Tommy Fury and YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

Fury and Paul were prepared to settle their feud in 2021 before the ex-Love Island star was forced to pull out of the fight due to a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib.

The second attempt to book the showdown between Fury and Paul, which would have been held at Madison Square Garden, also fell through back in July.

Fury, who holds an 8-0 record in his fledgling boxing career, struggled with US visa issues at the time and withdrew from the fight ahead of its initial 6th August date.

The 23-year-old British star was set to face Paul Bamba on Sunday on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight against YouTuber Deji.

However, the fight was called off over a dispute about the weight requirement, which led to Fury facing Rolly Lambert in an exhibition fight instead.

Fury’s father stole the limelight after ripping off his shirt in the ring and going after Paul, who was ringside for the event at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.

Big John has now claimed that he “backed” Paul’s manager, Nakisa Bidarian, into a “corner” over a potential Fury vs Paul clash in February 2023.

The Fury patriarch insisted that a handshake between the pair means more to him than a contract, with Bidarian giving him his “word of honour.”

Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul in 2023? John Fury thinks the fight will finally happen.

Speaking on his interaction with Bidarian, he said: “Can I say one thing here, though? I’ve locked him down, backed him in a corner and checkmated him.

“He’s agreed to a February bout. He shook me hand, he gave me his word of honour, his manager, it’s happening in February.

“I said, ‘Listen, if you renege or back out, you’ll never live it down in your life.’ And you can’t break a man’s handshake.

“Contracts mean nothing to me, but a handshake does, and my word you can build a tower block on it. He’s give me his word his manager, we fight in February.”


Paul, who is also undefeated in his boxing campaign, is coming off the back of a unanimous decision win against UFC legend Anderson Silva in October.

The 25-year-old former Disney star recently teased on social media a potential fight with controversial influencer and former kickboxer Andrew Tate.

Tate, who has risen to prominence on social media, was also in attendance at the Mayweather vs Deji fight and was spotted facing off with Paul at ringside.

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