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Body language expert claims KSI is 'terrified' of Tommy Fury after viewing footage

Body language expert claims KSI is 'terrified' of Tommy Fury after viewing footage

KSI takes on Tommy Fury in Manchester this weekend.

A body language expert believes KSI is 'terrified' ahead of his bout with Tommy Fury this weekend.

YouTuber-turned-boxer, KSI, is set to take on the 24-year-old Mancunian at the AO Arena on Saturday, as they look to settle a feud that has stretched on for months.

Fury has already dispatched another online celebrity, Jake Paul, this year and is looking to take his professional record to 10-0 with victory over the Sidemen member.

KSI also has plenty of experience inside the ring and is unbeaten in seven bouts, with his only professional win coming against Logan Paul back in 2019.

Fury is being heavily backed to win the fight and body language expert Inbaal Honigman believes the former Love Island star has come across much more confident and relaxed ahead of the bout.

"Ahead of the fight, Tommy Fury and KSI display very different body language, with Tommy showing consistently secure, confident signs that he is sure he'll win and it'll be easy, and KSI letting us know that he is terrified," she told Betway.

“At a press conference from early September, which came to blows, Tommy displays a calm, peaceful demeanour. His body is facing forward, showing respect to the audience, without any fidgeting or fumbling, with no signs of stress.

"He smiles without tension, and all of his physical moves are in unison. When he stands, his head still faces forward and his arms are by his side, which means that he can't be emotionally knocked, he's a very mentally strong individual.

“KSI displays very unstable and moody body language. His body is uneven, arms are not at the same height, which shows that he's struggling to control his emotions and therefore his limbs. His facial expressions are exaggerated which shows that he is tense and uneasy. He fidgets a lot, with jerky movements and unplanned tics, letting us know that he is not confident at all.

KSI and Tommy Fury is a heavily-anticipated bout (

"KSI believes nothing. His eyes dart all over the room, and when he pulls dismissive faces at Fury, in a juvenile attempt to lower the reality star's confidence, he comes across as a class clown waiting for gales of laughter from the other kids.

"His body language is childlike, which tells us that he's panicking, and his eyes are turned slightly upwards, showing that even when he's facing his opponent, he is lost in thought. This lack of focus is not the best sign.”

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