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BREAKING: OnlyFans star Astrid Wett in ambulance after being WWE slammed through table

BREAKING: OnlyFans star Astrid Wett in ambulance after being WWE slammed through table

Wett's team have released a response.

Astrid Wett has been pictured in an ambulance after being put through a table prior to her boxing match on Saturday.

The OnlyFans model and Chelsea supporter was due to face off against Alexia Grace in a fight broadcast live on YouTube by her own promotion company, Wett Promotions.

Their rivalry started back in May, after an altercation during a press conference promoting KSI's fight against Joe Fournier.

The bout was scheduled to begin at 8pm, with Grace making her entrance to the ring much earlier.

She then launched into a war of words with Wett, who was taking part in a pre-match sparring session, before the Chelsea fan slapped her opponent.

Grace then shouted an expletive before diving on the 22-year-old, causing Wett to go through the table.

The YouTube live stream, which was being viewed by over 150,000 people at one point, was quickly cut after the incident, and has not resumed broadcasting.

There have since been a number of further developments.

Astrid Wett account releases statement

Shortly after the incident, YouTube icon Keemstar claimed that Wett had been 'seriously hurt' in the incident, and posted photos of her being placed on a stretcher at the Bronx Gym venue.

Taking to Wett's official account, her management team released a statement. They wrote: "Astrid is in stable condition. Please respect her and her team's privacy at this time."

Combat sports commentator Wade Plemons, who was scheduled to commentate on the planned bout, took to Twitter to claim that Wett had hit her head on the ground after going through the table, although there has been no official update at this stage on any injury suffered by the OnlyFans and TikTok content creator.

The Chelsea fan went into the evening with a 2-0 record in boxing, having defeated Keeley and AJ Bunker in previous matches. Shortly after the incident, the bout was officially called off.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@AstridWett / Wett Promotions

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