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Teofimo Lopez's Dad Slammed For Truly Awful Corner Advice

Teofimo Lopez's Dad Slammed For Truly Awful Corner Advice

It wasn't just awful, it was actually really misleading too.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Teofimo Lopez genuinely thought he beat George Kambosos Jr.

We all know that was far from the case, but when watching the bout back, it's easy to see why Lopez was so confused.

The 24-year-old was under the allusion that he was robbed of a victory because his delusional dad kept telling him that he was winning the fight throughout.

In between each round, when Lopez returned to his corner, his father and trainer was giving him misleading information that wasn't helping him at all.

Lopez Senior was constantly telling Junior that he was controlling the boxing match and that he was up on the scorecards.

But at the same time, he was completely contradicting himself by instructing his son to try and go for the knockout.

Oh, all while throwing the odd expletive in there too, of course.

Even when Lopez got knocked down in the very first round, his dad refused to admit that it was a clean strike, telling his son that it was just an innocent slip.

Overall, the advice was pretty ordinary across all 12 rounds and was ultimately the former champion's undoing.

It then lead for Lopez to gatecrash Kambosos Jr's post-fight interview to claim that he actually won - which, of course, he didn't.

Unsurprisingly, boxing fans on social media weren't best pleased with what they saw (and heard) from coach Lopez and unloaded on him via social media.

I mean, all the pre-fight antics of clashing with Kambosos Jr's father at the media day probably didn't help his case either.

Even after the defeat, Lopez Snr doubled down on his claims that his son was robbed.

"Everybody knows he (Teofimo) won that fight," he told SecondsOut.

"Everybody knows that. I had it 10-2, 9-3. Everybody was just upset, they booed the decision in the Madison Square Garden so we just got to keep on living and do big fights and selling out arenas like we did tonight.

"We sold out the Madison Square Garden on the vaccination time, when you gotta be vaccinated to get inside. So at the end of the night the whole arena was upset at what happened and I don't blame my son for nothing.

"We're just gonna keep on doing what we're doing. My son is still the best in the planet. We didn't get knocked out, we was never hurt in the fight, we brought it back to this guy and everybody knows.

"Madison Square Garden was booing this s***. He won every round. I'll probably give him [Kambosos Jr] two rounds including the knockdown.

"I taught him to win every round by touching every two seconds. Every two seconds he was touching him. There's no way in the points system this guy won a freakin' round. And that's just the way it is.

"To me he won unanimous but you can put it at 10-2, 9-3 because of the knockdown. And he just slipped, it was like a flash knockdown. There's no way this kid beat us."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/DAZN

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