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Rey Mysterio reveals which iconic WWE match he wishes he never won

Rey Mysterio reveals which iconic WWE match he wishes he never won

Rey Mysterio regrets winning one of his biggest WWE matches back in 2005.

Rey Mysterio has revealed he regrets winning one of his biggest and most high-profile WWE match.

The WWE Hall of Famer is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step inside the ring and has always been a fan favourite for his incredible, high-risk offence.

The Master of the 619 has been involved in many classic matches over the course of his decorated career.

But back in 2005, he fought the late, great Eddie Guerrero in one of the most unique WWE stipulation matches of all-time.

The two real-life friends squared off in a SummerSlam ladder match where the custody of Rey's son Dominik was on the line.

The angle was so believable that Dominik's classmates were asking who his father was.

Rey prevailed when he retrieved the briefcase containing legal documents but nearly 25 years on, the lucha libre legend has a different view of his triumph.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

That's after his eldest child ended up joining him in WWE and winning the tag team titles, before turning on him and his family to join the villainous Judgement Day faction.

He's been in the ring opposite his old man at two consecutive WrestleManias and is genuinely one of the most hated members of the WWE roster.

“That’s a very good question that I have never been asked and now that I think about it… I wouldn’t have even had that match," Mysterio said, speaking on THE BWGS podcast.

"I would have told Eddie, 'Keep him!'. I don’t want to risk my body. Because that was brutal. The way Dominik turned out after that. But I also asked myself, what would have happened if Eddie would still be here?

“Like that, this whole story that has been created. It must be - I think he watches a lot of his stuff and somehow there’s some sort of internal connection and I wouldn’t doubt it that Eddie’s giving him pointers from the heavens.”

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Guerrero was essentially preparing Dom for WWE as an eight-year-old and he continues to perform his moves as a tribute to 'Latino Heat'.

Featured Image Credit: BWGS podcast & Getty

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