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Logan Paul gets emotional talking to John Cena about his fallout with 'idol' The Rock

Jack Kenmare

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Logan Paul gets emotional talking to John Cena about his fallout with 'idol' The Rock

Logan Paul was on the verge of tears as he opened up to John Cena about his broken relationship with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

The 28-year-old YouTube personality, who has established himself in the wrestling industry with a number of eye-catching matches, has previously shed some light on why Johnson no longer speaks to him.

Initially, the pair appeared in several videos together, with Paul describing the 10-time world champion as his "hero".

But Johnson cut ties with Paul after the YouTuber received a huge amount of backlash over his decision to film a suicide victim in Japan's Aokigahara forest back in 2017.


Paul later apologised for his behaviour but 'The Rock' later requested for all of their shared content to be permanently deleted.


More than five years after the incident and Paul spoke about his fallout with Johnson on the most recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE.

Here, he opened up to John Cena, who gave the host some advice.


Paul began by saying: "You and Dwayne are two people I definitely looked up to, a lot, when I was trying to figure out the blueprint for my career that didn't exist. Dwayne, especially. My idol. My hero. He's doing it, to the highest degree. I wanted to be like Dwayne.

"Eventually, in the same way I met you, I met Dwayne. He was just as cool in person as I thought he was on TV. He's awesome. Made content together. Went viral. 70 million views, 50 million views. Linked up a couple of times. Visited him on the set of Ballers. I would have considered us acquaintances, at least. He was great.

"Then, Japan happened. I could go into so much depth about my remorse and the place I was in and the faults I made at that time of my life. I had to really re-wire my brain and backtrack and ask myself how I let that happen and what went wrong in my life where I thought that was okay.

"In that process, I did a lot of damage. It wasn't something that was on the forefront of my mind, and I've had to do a tremendous amount of therapy and figure out what in my life happened or didn't happen to where I did that.


"DJ was one of the people I hurt because of his mother's experience. That's his experience to tell, I'm not going to share. I hurt him. So much so that he basically wanted nothing to do with me, and rightfully so. I let down my hero."

Paul would confirm that Johnson asked him to remove all the content they did together and "basically kicked me to the curb."

"I remember it being such a low moment because I knew I let myself down, my fans down, my family down, but my idol too," he said. "It just sucked so bad. It wasn't like I got the call from him. I got it from the publicist. It's not like he did anything wrong.


"I think my ego told myself that 'I'm going to remember that and if I ever become great one day, I'm going to remember this and remember the way I was discarded,' and again, rightfully so. I don't think I've ever been truly able to let go of that. I have a lot of stuff to work through in terms of that."

John Cena would go on to offer "an anecdote" after processing Paul's emotional words.

"You told me a story earlier today about one of the toughest times in your recent life where your fiance [Nina Agdal] was put in a position that made her and you uncomfortable by a certain human being. You needed to keep your sanity about you and not like your emotions take over. What did you do?"

Paul replied by saying, "Forgave him."


Cena added: "Okay. What I'm hearing is, you made a poor decision. You had to be accountable for that poor decision. You're not alone. We've all done that. In the process, you were very hurt by someone you cared about. You understand it might not have been as impactful for him as it was for you, but it really got to you.

"I'm not right or wrong, it's just my two cents. Take it or throw it back. I think it starts with your ability to forgive him. If you can get yourself to a place where you can honestly say, 'I forgive,' then I think you can begin the foundation to move forward. I'm not saying forget.

"Forgiveness and forgetfulness are two different things. If you can bring yourself to a position where you can forgive someone, you can begin to move forward. Just my perspective."

Paul agreed with the piece of advice before adding: "I think I have an ego problem. It's kind of hard. I can't do it without having a conversation with him. I think that's part of this puzzle, and I don't know if I'm ready for that."

"You don't have to be," Cena replied. "Forgiveness comes on your own terms."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/IMPAULSIVE

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Jack Kenmare
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