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WWE superstars build their perfect wrestler ahead of WrestleMania 39

WWE superstars build their perfect wrestler ahead of WrestleMania 39

We gave WWE superstars the chance to build their most perfect and complete wrestler ahead of WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles, California.

To be at the very top of WWE, you have to perfect blend of personality and in-ring ability. Strength and speed inside the squared circle needs to be matched by pure charisma and knowing how to have thousands in the palm of your hand.

Over the years there have been so many performers who have brought something different to the table in WWE but what if you had the power to create the ultimate superstar - taking the traits of the greats and merging them together?

Ahead of WrestleMania 39 at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California, SPORTbible put out that exact challenge to the current WWE roster and they didn't disappoint with their responses.

There were a total of five categories, varying from the best entrance to physique and even the best finisher - with the names of several household names continue to crop up.

Best entrance theme song

Dakota Kai: HBK’s. I think you can really move to it. But also Rico’s theme song. I don’t know why, when I used to play the old school wrestling games, his theme would come on and I'd just be like, ‘Yeah!’. Underrated!

MVP: AJ Styles has a really good theme song. Mine’s better but I’m gonna give somebody else some shine so maybe AJ Styles.

WWE Raw women’s champion Bianca Belair: Bianca Belair: There are so many good ones. Stone Cold, the ones that have something at the very beginning and you know who it is. As soon as you hear the beginning of Stone Cold’s, you stand up a little straighter and start looking for it. You know whose theme song is a banger and I can work out to it? AJ Styles! It gets you hyped and in the mood.

Rhea Ripley: I want to say mine because I love my entrance but I'm going to say Triple H though.

Grayson Waller: I think my theme song is an absolute banger. If anyone saw last year that was my number one song on Spotify. I don’t think anyone can touch Grayson Waller’s theme right now. I’m not going back and listening to WWF The Music, Volume 4. I only listen to my theme. I listen to it before I go out for a match because I want to visualise myself going out so that it feels normal.

Carmelo Hayes: Triple H. It’s cool man. He takes his time; he spits some water. All eyes on you. It’s just a moment.

Chad Gable: I’m gonna get a lot of slack for this but when I was a kid I loved the red and black wolfpac’s theme. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Seventh grade that was the most badass thing ever.

Otis: I would agree with that same thing because you weren’t a kid if you weren’t wearing the wolf head on your shirt, going, ‘Don't mess with the wolfpac!’ Tan oiled up guys looking cool, who wouldn’t want to be that?

Best finisher

Dakota Kai: Oh my gosh! Rock Bottom. The Rock was someone I loved watching because he was so charismatic. I think it’s everything that builds up to that. He’s cool!

MVP: Randy Orton. Out of nowhere, any time, any place.

Bianca Belair: I would say the Pedigree or the F5. I’m trying to not be egotistical but of course I would say the KOD!

Rhea Ripley: I’m going to say Bianca Belair with the KOD.

Grayson Waller: I think it’s got to be a tombstone [piledriver] man. You’re getting dropped on your head, that seems dangerous. Luckily I've never had to take one and I don’t plan on taking one anytime.

Image: WWE
Image: WWE

Carmelo Hayes: I mean the F5 is a pretty good finisher, man. The Pedigree from Triple H, the Stunner – look at all the iconic finisher everybody knows, it’s probably going to be one of them.

Chad Gable: Scorpion Deathlock. I’m going back to my seventh grade days again. Love it man.

Otis: Stone Cold Stunner. Oh yeah. What gets more reaction?


Dakota Kai: The Rock, in the middle. He looks great now and he looked great then too [when wrestling] so let’s go to 2001!

MVP: Bobby Lashley.

Bianca Belair: Of course me but I’m going to be a little biased with my husband Montez Ford, who got a nice body. I love the women now. Beth Phoenix was the first person that I saw myself in – she was feminine but also embraced her muscles. Rhea Ripley is so jacked, I love it.

Grayson Waller: Omos, man. Maybe not the planes and that type of thing but I go to the gym with Omos sometimes and that dude is massive! Who beats Omos? Brock Lesnar is struggling against Omos.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

Carmelo Hayes: Probably Bobby Lashley. That dude’s freaking stacked. That’s a big body man.

Chad Gable: I liked my guys a little bit thicker, like they can actually do some damage. Kenta Kobashi had an awesome physique but as far as domestically, Chris Candido at his peak.

Otis: For me it was Bam Bam [Bigelow] because he looked like a regular guy out of the bar but the way he moved, I was like, ‘How the hell is he doing that?’ Not a body guy but just a cannonball.

Ring awareness

Dakota Kai: William Regal. He is awesome. When we were in NXT he was there coaching us and he’s the best. Even now when we come back through and he’s there giving us feedback on everything. He’s got such a great brain. He’s always talking about the little things, the details that we may be complacent about.

MVP: That’s a good one. I might have to give Seth Rollins credit on that. I think he plays coy quite a bit. Seth Rollins, his ring awareness is magnificent.

Bianca Belair: Becky [Lynch] and Bayley. When you’re in the ring with them it’s just like peanut butter and jelly, it just goes together. They make sure you’re where you’re supposed to be, they take care of you. It’s so easy working with them. Very good leaders in the ring.

Rhea Ripley: I feel like Randy’s the perfect wrestler. I want to say him for everything! His ring awareness is insane.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

Grayson Waller: What do you mean, like where are the ropes? Oh, there’s the turnbuckle! I’ve got great ring awareness. Fit Finlay’s the man. I’m telling you right now, Fit could come here and beat everyone up. Fit is terrifying. He’s aware of the entire ring.

Carmelo Hayes: Probably John Cena. If you know you know type of thing. Ring awareness, he knows.

Chad Gable: Mr Perfect.

Otis: I keep agreeing with this guy. Mr Perfect, what a specimen of an athlete.

Microphone ability

Dakota Kai: The Rock. We’ll put a little bit more of him in there. Physique and charisma.

MVP: If not my own, quite possibly Edge.

Bianca Belair: I think The Miz is amazing, The Rock and I think in the women’s division, Sonya [Deville] is really, really good on the mic. She doesn’t get enough credit for how she is on the mic.

Image: WWE
Image: WWE

Grayson Waller: I can’t choose myself, right? It’s no fun if I choose myself. I’m gonna go outside the box and not go WWE. My favourite type of talker is someone like Chael Sonnen, someone who’s willing to say really wild stuff for a reason. I think Miz is someone like that too, Miz will say whatever he needs to say.

Carmelo Hayes: Probably The Rock. It’s got to be The Rock. Quick-witted.

Chad Gable: For my money, The Rock.

Otis: I’m gonna go with Road Dogg.

BT Sport Box Office will show both nights of WrestleMania 39 live from 1am UK time on 1st & 2nd April. WrestleMania 39 will cost £19.95 and can be watched on BT TV, Virgin TV, Sky, online via the web or the BT Sport Box Office App.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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