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When Nick Diaz Launched A Drink At Khabib And Started A Mass Brawl

When Nick Diaz Launched A Drink At Khabib And Started A Mass Brawl

The bitter rivalry between the Diaz bros and Khabib Nurmagomedov stems from the notorious brawl at an MMA event in Las Vegas.

Nick and Nate Diaz clashed with Nurmagomedov and his team during a World Series of Fighting event in 2015.

Chaos ensued when Nick threw a drink at Nurmagomedov who reacted angrily and went on the charge. His manager Ali Abdelaziz defused the situation with security eventually breaking up the fight.

The pair of teams then continued their beef in the arena concourse as chairs were being thrown. Police were called to the scene and stopped the mayhem from escalating even further.


Nurmagomedov explained his side of the brawl following the incident.

"You know, fights happen between men," he told MMA Junkie. "It's OK. It's normal. Sometimes it happens. But you know what? I'm a professional fighter. I'm a UFC fighter. I'm here at a very big show in Las Vegas. Lot of people here. Lot of women here. Lot of kids here.

"And I can't fight. I can't fight. And these guys are beginning to go like crazy with me. But I said, 'Khabib, you need to stay (calm).'


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"When he began the second time, I went crazy too. I have to protect myself."

The infamous brawl was revisited last year after Nate responded to Nurmagomedov's dig aimed at Conor McGregor. They went back-and-forth on social media with more footage of the brawl uploaded.


UFC have attempted to book Nate Diaz vs. Nurmagomedov in the past, but, according to Dana White, the Stockton slugger rejected the bout.

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