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Dana White's Incredible Reaction To Amanda Nunes' UFC Retirement Claim

Dana White's Incredible Reaction To Amanda Nunes' UFC Retirement Claim

UFC double champion Nunes says she's contemplating retirement.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

Dana White has joked he would "kill" Amanda Nunes if she sensationally quits the UFC.

Nunes, 32, has revealed that she's contemplating retirement after defending her UFC women's featherweight title at UFC 250.

But her decision to potentially walk away from the UFC has shocked White, who was planning to build the 145lbs division around 'The Lioness'.

"I will kill her," White said with a smile on The Schmozone Podcast. "I literally just told Sean [Shelby] and Mick [Maynard] in the last meeting, let's get this [featherweight] division built for her. Let's build this division for her and let's start figuring this out. Now she's talking about retiring?

"You know what's awesome about that when you think about it - her retiring isn't awesome, that actually drives me nuts. You know how I always say if you're talking about retirement, you probably should... unless you're where she's at. It's like what I said about [Daniel] Cormier when he was talking about retiring a couple of years ago."

He added: "In this time when I've got guys crying about money, one of our female fighters who could go on and keep doing this for a long time is saying maybe I retire now. She's got plenty of money and she can do it.

"Nobody ever brings that sh*t up that the women are treated just like the men here. Even tennis, which is a massive sport that's been around forever, has huge TV deals, the U.S. Open, Wimbledon, all these things and the women still don't make what the men do. Amanda Nunes is in a position where she can retire."

Speaking to Brazilian TV, Nunes says she has achieved everything and is thinking of calling time on her glittering career.

"Ah, I don't know, I've achieved everything I wanted," the UFC double champion explained.

"I'm well, I can go on with my life, maybe a [take] new step, maybe find new talents, help some girls there... maybe be a coach, too.

"I'm in a moment that I can retire, you know, and I'm in a moment that I can fight. I'm fine. There's nothing else to be done right now in the division. The Hall of Fame will come, for sure. My life going forward, if I do stop now, the UFC will give me every support I need to continue having my money and work."

Will Nunes retire from MMA? Watch this space.

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