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Bus Attack, Bottle Throws And Boxing Floyd Mayweather... 31 Of Conor McGregor's Most 'Notorious' Moments On His 31st Birthday

Bus Attack, Bottle Throws And Boxing Floyd Mayweather... 31 Of Conor McGregor's Most 'Notorious' Moments On His 31st Birthday

Conor McGregor is unlike any other star in the world of sport with his brash persona, charisma and fighting brilliance.

To mark the Irish star's 31st birthday, we've picked out some of his best moments from a memorable career in an out of the octagon.


From epic soundbites to stunning fights and controversy, here are 31 of his most notorious moments:

1. The 67-Second UFC Debut

In 2013, UFC signed McGregor and a solid opponent in the shape of Marcus Brimage welcomed him to the famed Octagon but he lasted a mere 67 seconds. McGregor stopped the American with a flurry of uppercuts as he introduced himself to the world in dramatic fashion.

2. "Who The F**k Is That Guy?!"


Jeremy Stephens took an L against McGregor without even stepping inside the cage with him.

3. First MMA Fighter To Make Forbes' Top 100 Highest-Paid Athletes

He completed his rags to riches tale in 2016 after cracking the top 100 highest-paid athletes for 2016, thus becoming the first MMA fighter to do so.

4. "Dana... 60 G's Baby..."

McGregor addressed Dana White in hilarious fashion on his UFC debut by hollering "Dana... 60 Gs, baby..." in his post-fight interview.

5. Eats Blueberries On Ariel Helwani's Show

Casually popping blueberries into his mouth while chatting to Ariel Helwani remains the greatest interview on The MMA Hour.

6. UFC Dublin Homecoming

Image: PA
Image: PA

McGregor headlined UFC Dublin in 2014 as the card boasted four of his teammates, who all scored wins on a special night for Irish MMA.

7. "We're Not Here Just To Take Part - We're Here To Take Over"

McGregor's rousing speech after dispatching Diego Brandao in one round perfectly capped off an emotional homecoming.

8. Confronts Jose Aldo In Boston

Immediately after stopping Denis Siver, McGregor jumped out of the cage and charged directly at UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, who didn't flinch while McGregor yelled straight in his face.

9. The Ultimate Fighter

He led a merry band of European prospects against Urijah Faber's American team in season 22 of the fighting reality TV series.

10. "I'm Cocky In Prediction. I'm Confident In Prediction, But I'm Always Humble In Victory Or Defeat"

McGregor said while owning the podium after backing up his smack talk against Dustin Poirier by beating him in the first round on his Las Vegas debut.

11. McGregor Snatches Aldo's Belt From The Table

An unprecedented world tour saw Aldo and McGregor embark on a press tour spanning eight cities in five countries over the course of 12 manic days. McGregor and Aldo almost came to blows in the Ireland leg of the press tour. While there were no punches traded, they came very close when McGregor snatched Aldo's belt from the table.

12. Wins First UFC Title

McGregor faced wrestling power house Chad Mendes on short notice at UFC 189 after the withdrawal of Jose Aldo, and he used this very moment to face the risk he was thought to be guarded against. The Crumlin-fighter finished Mendes in the second round after surviving an onslaught in the first round to capture the interim-UFC featherweight title.

13. Gone In 13 Seconds

At UFC 194, the prophecy was fulfilled. McGregor needed just 13 seconds (!!) to dethrone reigning UFC featherweight champion Aldo. He spectacularly stopped the dominant Brazilian with one lethal left-hook.


14. "Timing Beats Speed, Precision Beats Power"

McGregor described his historic victory over Aldo with a short yet concise quote that explained his fight philosophy.

15. "I'd Slap The Clown's Head, Pull The Mask Off And Stick It Up His Arse"

Don't pounce on McGregor if you're a clown. Remember that craze.

16. "Red Panty Night"

When you sign to fight McGregor, it's a time of celebration. He'll change your bum life.

17. "Me And Jesus Are Cool. I'm Cool With All Gods. Gods Recognise Gods"

Entertainment value hit new levels when McGregor referred to himself as a God.

18. McGregor Meets Crisitano Ronaldo

Image: Instagram/Cristiano Ronaldo
Image: Instagram/Cristiano Ronaldo

There's a lot love between two of the greatest athletes of this generation. The five-time Ballon d'Or winner paid a visit to McGregor's training base in Las Vegas back in June 2016.

19. McGregor-Diaz Bottle-Throwing Melee

Another McGregor press conference. Another insane moment. McGregor and Diaz traded words before trading bottles and cans in a chaotic moment on fight week.

20. McGregor Gets Revenge On Nate Diaz In Epic Five-Round War

He exacted revenge on Diaz after going toe-to-toe in one of the most compelling main events in UFC history.

21. "Surprise, Surprise, Motherf***ers! The King Is Back"

After defeating Diaz in the rematch, McGregor reintroduced himself to the world in typically superb fashion.

22. That White Fur Coat

Image: Instagram/Conor McGregor
Image: Instagram/Conor McGregor

Before UFC's historic show in New York, McGregor stole the show (not for the first time) as he arrived late to the pre-fight presser, danced to the stage and stole Eddie Alvarez's belt all while wearing a flamboyant Gucci white fur coat.

23. Cage Warriors' First Ever Duel Champ

McGregor bagged not one but two titles under the Cage Warriors banner. He submitted Dave Hill to become the CWFC featherweight champion, then stopped Ivan Buchinger to win the CWFC lightweight title, making him the first European to hold belts in two divisions simultaneously.

24. UFC 'Champ-Champ'

Image: PA
Image: PA

McGregor made UFC history by becoming the very first fighter to hold two UFC titles simultaneously after putting on a virtuoso performance to knockout Eddie Alvarez at the iconic Madison Square Garden.

25. Fatherhood

He became a dad in 2017 and in the most McGregor move in the notorious history of McGregor he named his child Conor McGregor.

26. Attacks Bus In Brooklyn

Khabib Nurmagomedov confronting his teammate Artem Lobov prompted him to jump on a private jet to Brooklyn, where he launched a dolly at a bus carrying UFC fighters.

27. UFC 229's Post-Fight Brawl With Team Nurmagomedov

UFC 229 ended in anarchy after a violent clash between Team McGregor and Team Nurmagomedov. Once Khabib submitted McGregor, he jumped the cage and attacked his corner before members of the Russian's entourage struck McGregor in wild scenes.

28. Proper No. Twelve

McGregor's most lucrative business venture outside of the UFC is his whiskey range Proper No. Twelve. The whiskey sold so well that stores in Ireland limited customers to two bottles per visit.

29. Floors Paulie Malignaggi In Sparring

Building up to his debut inside the squared circle, McGregor drafted in former boxing world champion Paulie Malignaggi and it was an eventful spar to say the least. He floored the American before uploading evidence online.

30. 'May-Mac' World Tour

Image: PA
Image: PA

Their three-country media event in four consecutive days kicked off in Los Angeles, and it then continued in Toronto and New York before wrapping up in London. Explosive as entertaining as both Mayweather and McGregor drummed up a ridiculous amount of interest ahead of their mega-fight which sold over four million pay-per-view buys.

31. Boxes Floyd Mayweather For $100 Million

His boxing venture culminated in a stoppage defeat to Mayweather but McGregor, who once didn't have a pot to piss in, cashed a cool $100 million cheque.

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