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UFC Legend Georges St-Pierre Shows Off Incredible New Physique, Teases Big Announcement For 2021

UFC Legend Georges St-Pierre Shows Off Incredible New Physique, Teases Big Announcement For 2021

Daniel Cormier has suggested that Khabib Nurmagomedov would only make a U-turn on his retirement for a fight with Georges St-Pierre.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre has teased MMA fans with a sneak peek at his chiselled physique as he promises a big announcement for 2021.

The 39-year-old Canadian superstar, who retired from MMA in 2019, was announced as an inductee for the 2020 UFC Hall of Fame in May.

Despite his retirement from combat sports, 'GSP' has continuously been linked with a sensational return to the octagon for a super-fight with former UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov.

St-Pierre has now posted snaps on social media of his incredible physique after a three-day water fast.

The MMA legend wrote in an Instagram post: "After a three-day water fast I always feel like a new man. Have you guys ever tried something like that?"

'GSP' also teased on Twitter a pic of him wearing a face mask inside the octagon as he trained on the pads.

He tweeted: "New year, new team, announcement tomorrow."

While many fans speculated a potential return against Khabib, the former two-division champ wasted no time in squashing the idea he was returning for a fight.

"And no guys, not announcing a fight," 'GSP' tweeted.

UFC legend Daniel Cormier, who is close pals with Khabib, claimed that the only fight the 32-year-old Russian would come out of retirement for is a mega-fight with 'GSP.'

"I think that when we look at these things and Dana as a promoter and the head of the UFC, that's what he's supposed to do," 'DC' said.

"He's supposed to be hopeful that he gets another Khabib Nurmagomedov fight. Why wouldn't he? I think that's where we are today. I don't know for certain that Khabib is going to fight.

"I don't know if he's not going to fight. I try to keep our relationship a friendship. I don't want to always be talking to him about things about his career because he's a star.

"But if you're Dana White, I think he's playing it the exact way he needs to and I don't know where Khabib is personally. But if you ask me still, I know this guy is a man of his word so I don't know what he's going to do.

"It would have to be Georges St-Pierre. I believe that a big fight is what he would want in order to just prove himself.

"Like you said, Khabib Nurmagomedov is just trying to make history and a win over Georges St-Pierre would do exactly that for him.

"When your resume becomes so big, not many things can add value to it. If he can go and [fight] 'GSP' and beat 'GSP,' that adds value."

Featured Image Credit: PA/Georges St-Pierre

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