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'Gimp' Terrorising Somerset Town Beaten Up By MMA Fighter

'Gimp' Terrorising Somerset Town Beaten Up By MMA Fighter

The MMA fighter claims he beat up the man when drunk...

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

A mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter has claimed that he beat up a man dressed in a gimp suit who has been terrorising a town in Somerset.

Boxing and Muay Thai devotee Cameron Graham said that he was drunk when he saw the strange sight of a man dressed in a rubber onesie, lying on the floor of a car park in Claverham, Somerset. When the man tried to get up, Cameron claims to have struck him back down.

When the fighter returned home he told his mum, who he said didn't believe him - neither did his friends, so he started to think it may have been the effects of a heavy session that made him imagine it.

Cameron is now convinced he beat up the Claverham gimp.
Wayne Starr

He doesn't say when it happened, but then, when subsequent reports of the 'grunting' gimp surfaced recently, he has started to think that he may have been right all along.

Cameron told The Daily Star: "I was just walking along and there was this bloke lying on the ground in a car park next to a field.

"He was wearing a full gimp suit - latex and everything. He tried to get up but I was having none of it.

"I kicked him in the face and then to the stomach and got off."

When people dismissed his claims, he started to doubt himself, saying his head had been 'all over the place' following a recent break-up.

"I ended up convincing myself it didn't happen," he said. "They all said it was rubbish and I was just drunk.

"To be fair I'd had a few beers, but I wasn't out of my tree."

But Cameron is now insistent that it was the same person reported to have chased a woman through the Somerset village.

He continued: "But now it turns out it's true. The bloke I kicked looks like that bloke in the photo. They're both tubby."

He added: "People think it's funny but it's not. It's making people scared to let their kids play, which isn't good."

The revelation comes after a man wearing a gimp suit chased a 'terrified' 23-year-old woman through the village while he was 'grunting and breathing heavily'.

The woman was walking down a dark village lane before spotting the man 'charging' towards her in a 'full black rubbery suit'.

Avon and Somerset Police confirmed on Twitter that there had been a small number of reports of a man jumping out at people in the area, with someone being arrested.

The first suspect, a man in his 20s, was being held on suspicion of indecency, but was released on police bail.

Police confirmed that a second man in his 30s was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of indecency offences and was held in custody. Inquiries into the incidents are ongoing.

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