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Fan Selects The GOAT From Every UFC Weight Division - And There's One Glaring Omission

Fan Selects The GOAT From Every UFC Weight Division - And There's One Glaring Omission

The Twitter post mentioned the likes of Khabib, Jon Jones and GSP - but there were also some big names missing. Do you agree with the picks?

Tom Fenton

Tom Fenton

A fan's post listing his personal GOATs from every UFC division went viral on Monday, as other Twitter users weighed in with their own selections.

Given MMA's relatively short existence as an elite sport, you might think that selecting the 'Greatest of all Time' from each division would be a fairly simple task. For some of the divisions, you'd actually be correct in assuming so.

For instance, it's very difficult to argue against Jon Jones being the king of the light heavyweights, or Khabib being the undisputed 155 GOAT.

Elsewhere, however, there is certainly some room for debate.


The biggest areas of contention for most fans would likely be featherweight (145 pounds) and bantamweight (135 Pounds), as a number of fighters would be in the conversation in terms of GOAT status.

One fan has boldly taken to Twitter to offer his selections to the world, and suffice to say, not everybody agreed with the picks.

Take a look at @Diazarmy's original Tweet below.

One glaring absence from this user's list is a certain Conor McGregor, who misses out to Jose Aldo despite the Irishman winning the pair's 2015 bout.


This is where we have to factor in the role that bias may have played on the formation of this list, as the user is evidently a big Nate/Nick Diaz fan.

A number of fellow MMA fans mentioned McGregor's omission in the replies to the original Tweet.

Elsewhere, there was also some debate over who is the greatest heavyweight in MMA history.

Most, including @Diazarmy5, would point to Stipe Miocic, who reigned the division for several years, beating the likes of Fabricio Werdum, Alistair Overeem, and Daniel Cormier in the process.

However, others claim that honour should go to Fedor Emelianenko, the Russian killer who spent his prime years outside of the UFC, in championships like Pride and Bellator.

There were also one or two mentions of the reigning UFC champ, Francis Ngannou, as he was the man who finally took down Miocic.

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